Gina E. Ryder

Christian Post Contributor

Face of Jesus Exhibit Comes to Philadelphia Art Museum

The iconic image of Jesus includes chestnut hair cascading around a slender face, thin lips, and bright eyes. However, a new exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art called "Rembrandt and The Face of Jesus" is showing more life-like, realistic images of Christ.

Will Online Communities Replace Church?

Can online communities like Jesus Daily take the place of offline religious life, like what happens at synagogues and churches? That’s the question the NY Times is asking in one of their most recent opinion topics in their popular segment Room For Debate.

Faith-Based Family Planning Software Emerges

Couples can ditch the paper chart on the nightstand because new fertility management software called FertileView is innovating faith-based contraception methods and providing solutions for navigating the world of fertility.

Kenneth Cole Takes Controversial Stand on Abortion

A woman is standing up. Her hands are firmly planted on her hips. She’s carrying a Kenneth Cole handbag contemplating her latest purchase. Or at least that's what it looks like in one of the urban, chic billboard-style advertisements from Kenneth Cole’s latest campaign, “Where do you Stand?”