Gordon C. Boronow

Op-Ed Contributor

Trump's Corporate Tax Plan: The Good and the Really Good

President Trump unveiled his plan to reform individual and corporate taxes. At first reveal, the media focused its attention on the news that the President wants to lower the corporate tax rate to 15% from its current level of 35%, highest among developed economies. Knee-jerk reactions are predictable.

Living Responsibly and Replacing Obamacare

P. J. O'Rourke, the libertarian author and humorist, made a side comment in a recent interview in which he offered three criteria by which to assess public policy proposals; does the policy promote the dignity of the individual, does it enhance the liberty of the individual, and does it encourage the individual to live a responsible life?

Did Trump Really 'Inherit a Mess' From Obama?

President Trump commented at his press conference last week that he "inherited a mess". His comments sparked a loud opposing response from the mainstream media to the effect that President Trump inherited a healthy economy from President Obama.

How to Attack Job Killing Robots

Sometimes following a train of thought can lead you to some distant places. Come along in this column as we mentally travel from technological innovation at Amazon to revamping the tax system that finances Social Security and other social insurance schemes.

From the Liberty Bell to MLK's 'Let Freedom Ring'

Except that in 1776 not all the inhabitants in the land were free. Many were enslaved. The blatant contradiction between the ideal of proclaiming liberty and the fact of slavery could not endure. Abolitionists adopted the bell as a symbol for their movement to rid the nation of slavery.

Clinton vs. Trump, Brexit and Limited Government

Many people I've talked to recently are disappointed with the choices of presumptive Presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. That's understandable. Both Clinton and Trump are flawed candidates, vehemently opposed by significant portions of the population.

Depressed About the Nation? Remember Jack Kemp

I had the occasion this week to dust off my old copy of "The Way the World Works" by Jude Wanniski, a close advisor to former HUD Secretary and former Congressman Jack Kemp, back in the day when the Carter malaise had us thinking much in the way we do today.

The Best Reason to Abolish the IRS

Readers of the Christian Post are familiar with the IRS scandal directed against Tea Party related organizations. The misuse of the IRS as a political weapon did not begin with President Obama and suppression of the Tea Party however.

Gender-Based Pricing: A Christmas Lesson

While riding in the car with my wife the other day, a story came up on a news radio station that caught my attention. An earnest community activist was warning the listeners of one of the dangers in shopping for Christmas toys; the danger of falling victim to gender-based pricing.