Greg Stier

Christian Post Guest Columnist

Making a Complete 160 Degree Turn

The same cross that saves us gives us the power to have victory over sin in our lives on a practical level. But, if we are honest, our practical sanctification is never a complete 180.

Awkward Is Awesome

I've had awkward moments as a pastor. I've had them as a counselor. I've had them as a traveling evangelist.

Why Teenagers?

Why would I resign from what many consider to be the most powerful position in a church ("the pastor") to pursue highly distracted and super twitchy teens?

Why I Hate Evangelism

Evangelism forces me to decide whether or not I believe in Jesus enough to tell someone else that he is the only way into God's favor.

The God of 'Un'

Remember the old 7up commericals? They billed their clear soft drink in a green can as "the un-cola." I love the idea of "un". Why? Because, while we don't serve an "un-God"

Holy Hatred

Every Christian needs something to hate. If sin and Satan don't top that list I don't know what does.

The Preacher Dare

So what's the preacher dare for all you preachers out there? To preach the Word! Don't preach around the Word or about the Word, preach the Word.

Prayer that Works

You may be thinking "Well, we as believers are righteous through Christ so I guess all of our prayers are effective, right?" Wrong!

The Power of Potholes in Ministry

Youth ministry has potholes too. For some these potholes are apathetic teenagers who shoot "rolling eyes and heavy sighs" our way when we try to make a spiritual point.

Survival City

Many youth leaders have acquiesced to the seemingly inescapable reality that the average Christian teenager won't make it spiritually through college without trashing their Christianity, so they have settled for survival.


Gracephobia is alive and well and it demonstrates itself in the adding of human effort as a pre-requisite to genuine conversion.

Read 'Old'

Read Spurgeon, Whitefield and Wesley. Read old sermons and old books from old dudes. Why? Because these guys weren't distracted by Tivo or Facebook or Twitter.

Dangerous Discipleship

Jesus knew that when the disciples were put in a position of danger that they would be forced to either trust in him or run and hide.