Greg Stier

Christian Post Guest Columnist

God's Underestimated Kingdom

As I read through Bible I am always secretly impressed at how often and in how many ways the kingdom of God is mentioned or eluded to in some way.

Spiritual Physics

David's passionate love for God led to the equal and opposite reaction of his passionate hatred for sin.

Was Jesus Tolerant?

Before you knee jerk an answer think deeply about it for a moment. Because if you study the Gospels closely you will see that he was tolerant of sinners, but not of sin.

The Salvation Mountain Range

From time to time I get asked the question, "Do you see salvation as a process or a point in time?" My answer is always "YES!" I believe salvation is both.

UFOs and BFOs

Some youth leaders are on a search for UFOs. They spend night and day on a quest for ET, Everything Tangential.

Holy New Year!

Often I find myself wishing others a "Happy New Year!" around this time. As if that really matters. Honestly who cares if our year is a happy one?

Life After the Inch

Well that would be the beginning of the first day of eternity. But we worry about how big our biceps are in the inch.

Christian Bumper Stickers

How many people do you think will be in heaven because they read some words on the back of a car and were "driven" to become Christians.