Greg Stier

Christian Post Guest Columnist

St. Nick's Tears

Can you hear St. Nick crying? Before we transformed him into Santa he was a real man of flesh and blood.

Of God and Odds

There are 67,342 high schools and middle schools in America. We only have 24 staff members at Dare 2 Share. Those odds are 2,800 to one.

Pushy Youth Pastors

How dare youth leaders be like a good teacher who stands, delivers the truth and demands that their kids advance, grow, engage and, well, learn.

Thou Shalt Not Judge?

I propose we add an 11th Commandment. The Decalogue seems incomplete for a postmodern culture. "Thou shalt not judge." Okay, so I'm being sarcastic here.

Dear Miley Cyrus

You are a very bright girl and, if the Spirit of God truly does dwell in you, you can't help but know better.

Pain Redux

Thank you Lord for pain. Through it you draw me closer to you. By it you drive me to my knees in prayer.

God's Underestimated Kingdom

As I read through Bible I am always secretly impressed at how often and in how many ways the kingdom of God is mentioned or eluded to in some way.

Spiritual Physics

David's passionate love for God led to the equal and opposite reaction of his passionate hatred for sin.

Was Jesus Tolerant?

Before you knee jerk an answer think deeply about it for a moment. Because if you study the Gospels closely you will see that he was tolerant of sinners, but not of sin.