Greg Stier

Christian Post Guest Columnist

My 5 Pre-Preaching Rituals

After I prepare a sermon there are 5 pre-sermon rituals I go through before it's "go time." Here are the five rituals I do before I preach:

10 Ways to Shrink a Youth Group

If you're dead set on shrinking your group then refuse to intercede for the teenagers in your youth group and community. After all it's God who produces the growth (1 Corinthians 3:6.) Stop talking to him and it will shrink for sure (in all the wrong ways.)

Vampire Churches Among Us

This breed of church flies into town and announces their arrival with a flashy marketing campaign and an entrancing stare (Lights! Camera! Action!) Then they steadily, and probably unintentionally, sink their fangs into the necks of the smaller churches in that community and drain them dry. The results are church members, offerings and involvement sucked away from these smaller churches and the vampire churches increasing their own size, budget and strength.

Is Your Church Lying?

But, when it comes to evangelism, a mission statement can turn from big black letters on a church marquee to a little, white lie that the church is telling the community. Strike that … it's a big lie. If a church claims to be making evangelism a central priority and the people in that church are not actively sharing their faith then the mission statement of that church is not just a joke, it's a lie.

Do We Really Need More Churches Planted in America?

Right now there are over 300,000 Protestant churches in America. Think about it this way: there are just over 10,000 Starbucks and well over 300,000 churches! So Starbucks can saturate the United States with caffeinated drinks but almost 30x's more churches can't saturate the United States with the Living Water. Seriously?

10 Reasons Why Youth Ministry Is a Strategic Career Choice

As I travel the nation I meet a lot of young people (high school/college age) who are thinking about going into youth ministry as a vocation. I also meet a lot of youth leaders who wonder if they should have chosen a different ministry career path because of hassles and heartbreaks they have endured in their current season of ministering to teenagers.

Sex Trafficking and 'The Church Lady'

She's sweet, frank, oh yeah and did I mention sweet? Margaret, with full support of her husband Larry, is like a super hero for the kingdom. At times she is the Hospitality Manager for Betenbough Homes. But at other times she she is doing stakeouts, finding sex trafficking spots and rescuing victims who are trapped in "the trade."

Marijuana, Teenagers and Youth Ministry

On January 1st my home state of Colorado will allow recreational marijuana sales and usage by anyone 21 years of age or older. Although this technically doesn't include sales to teenagers many in our state (including me) are bracing themselves for the inevitable normalization more and more teenagers smoking weed.

7 'Secret Weapons' When It Comes to Sharing the Gospel

This short video is part of a podcast series we did at Dare 2 Share called "Live THE Cause." Put simply living THE Cause is taking the mission of Jesus to "go and make disciples of all nations" in Matthew 28:19 personally and seriously. The goal of this series is to help you and your teenagers share the gospel with impact so that disciples can be made and multiplied.

5 Hints for Using Humor When Speaking to Teenagers

Humor is a great tool to use when communicating God's Word to teeenagers (or anyone for that matter.) It breaks down barriers, captures attention and gets the audience's adrenalin kicked into high gear. As a result, teenagers are more ready to receive what you are seeking to teach them from God's Word.

Are You Just a 'Sunday Morning Worshipper'?

What do you think of when you hear the word "worship"? K-Love? Your church's Sunday morning praise team? Classic hymns? What may surprise you is that evangelism is a form or worship as well. Worship directed upwardly is praise (proclaiming to God how holy, just and loving he is.) Worship directed outwardly is evangelism (proclaiming to unbelievers how holy, just and loving God is.)

10 Things I Do to Stay Spiritually Strong, Somewhat Sane, Happily Married and Kind of Fit While on the Road

Right now I'm right in the middle of a 16 city Dare 2 Share youth leader training tour. But I'm taking a short break to go and do some training at Youth Specialties. In between (and on the road) I'm writing, fundraising and creating stuff, stuff and more stuff that helps energize a generation to evangelize their world. Did I mention I'm a husband to one very patient wife and a father to two very high strung children? Here are ten things I do to stay spiritually strong, somewhat sane, happily married and kind of fit while on the road:


Evangelism Discipleship = Evange-cipleship. Okay, the word is kind of corny but it communicates my point. And what is that exactly? Simply this: When teenagers are equipped and unleashed to share their faith it is the ultimate discipleship accelerator.

Pole Vault God's Kingdom and Your Youth Ministry

This Wednesday "See You at the Pole" will kick off the school year for two million Christian teenagers from across the United States. See You at the Pole was inspired by the initiative of one youth leader in one youth group in Burleson, Texas, early in 1990. Since then it has exploded into a prayer movement, not just across the nation, but in twenty other nations across the globe!

How to Turbocharge Your Youth Ministry

Now that I have four "Maximum Velocity" youth leader training events under my belt I can say with full conviction that you should be there! We have 12 more cities to go before we hit the finish line. The remaining cities are…

Gospel Giving, Salvation Segues & Transformed Teenagers

Whether or not you're a youth leader, small group leader or Sunday school teacher I challenge you to get good at making salvation segues and giving the gospel weekly in your talks. Master the art of making the transition from the subject of your talk to the good news of Jesus.