Greg Stier

Christian Post Guest Columnist

What I Learned on My Summer Vacation (Part 2)

On our trip from Germany to England we all got assigned middle seats on the plane. I happened to be sitting in front of my 12 year old boy Jeremy. He was situated between a well dressed man and a young woman. After hearing my son talk for ten minutes or so with the man Jeremy shared that I was a preacher and that I was going to do some preaching in England.

5 Ways to Inspire Your Teenagers to Share the Gospel

Teenagers can be a tough audience and sharing the gospel a tough subject. So how do you inspire a tough audience to engage in the tough stuff of evangelism? Here are the 5 essentials I have discovered about motivating teenagers to share the gospel:

10 of My Worst Sermon Gaffes, Goofs and Illustrations

When you preach for a living, mistakes are bound to be made. Sometimes it's a sermon idea. It looks good on paper but when it passes from paper to preaching something get's twisted. Or perhaps it's an illustration that you think is going to work really well but it crashes at takeoff. Or maybe it's a gaffe you made that you wish you could retract.

Dear Youth Leader

You may be thinking about giving up. You may be wondering if it's worth the small paychecks and big headaches. You may be considering hanging up your paintball gun and canceling your subscription to Group Magazine. Don't. It is worth it.

10 things I Miss About Being a Pastor

For ten years of my life I was a preaching pastor at a church I helped plant with my good buddy Rick Long (Grace Church of Arvada.) This weekend I've been preaching all three services at my old stomping grounds and it's got me reminiscing. With this in mind here are 10 things I miss about being a pastor:

10 Reasons Why Youth Leaders Should Get in Shape

In my late teens and early twenties I was in pretty good shape. By the time I was 23 years of age I had been roofing for eight years and did a lot of the "grunt" work of carrying shingles up ladders and tearing off old roofs. I was the go to guy for all things manual labor. In addition I played basketball on weekends and lived a very active lifestyle as a part time middle school youth leader. Then something strange happened…I got into ministry full-time.

The Ultimate Terrorist

It's easy to forget that there is another terrorist behind the human terrorist who actually lit the fuse. This terrorist, the ultimate terrorist, is Satan himself. We as believers can fight back.

21 Ways to Share the Gospel

1. Take someone to church with you, go to lunch afterward and ask them how they felt about the sermon (then dive in!) 2. Write someone a letter that gently segues to the gospel. Ask them what they thought about the letter later.

How to Spot a Legalist

Legalists are tricky creatures. They slither in the side doors of churches, sign up to lead Bible studies and fill the minds of once joyous believers with rules and requirements of what it "really means" to become a Christian.

Why Mormons Do Better Youth Ministry Than We Do

In light of the skyrocketing popularity of Mormonism in the United States helped along by the Broadway Musical, "The Book of Mormon", Mitt Romney and your nice Mormon neighbors I thought it would be good to recycle this five year old article I wrote. The thesis? Mormons do better youth ministry than the average Protestant church! Read on and see if you agree with me…

What Brand of Duct Tape Keeps You Quiet About Jesus?

Their are 3 brands of "duct tape" that keep Christians quiet about Jesus. These types of tape seek to seal our mouths shut about the good news of Jesus. The "Um, I'm not sure" Duct Tape - for the most part, church leaders are not doing enough gospel training.

Gun Control Is Not the Answer

Most reporters, many Senators and, even the President himself, are talking about the issue of gun control like it is the answer to the problem of violence in America. It is not. It may be an answer but it is not the answer.

Another Tragic School Shooting; How Should We React?

There's something especially sad about elementary school children being senselessly slaughtered. As a father to two elementary school aged children I can't imagine the pain that the parents of these precious little souls must be going through right now.

7 Reasons America Has Not Been Reached for Christ

There are over 300,000 Protestant churches in America. Virtually every city in the United States has an abundance of Bible-believing faith communities. Millions upon millions of Christians attend these churches and, yet, this country is not reached for Christ yet. Why?

Ecumenical? No! Gospel-Driven? Yes!

Whenever I hear the word "ecumenical" I think of a circle of pale-looking pastors, covered in honey and singing "Kum-ba-yah." What we need is Jesus-centered, Gospel-driven networks of pastors and youth pastors who unite for the cause of reaching every person in their cities for Christ.

Voting, Politics and Evangelism

Politics can turn normally calm people into ranting, raving lunatics. This divisive subject can transform a friendly chat over coffee at a Starbucks into a venomous, verbal brawl. But it can also be a great segue into an opportunity to share the good news of Jesus.

Heaven Is for Real but Are Near-Death Experiences

I just read the Newsweek magazine article "Heaven is Real" which was written from the perspective of a neurosurgeon who claims to have taken a trip to heaven while in a coma for seven days. So why do I tend to be suspect of firsthand accounts of those who say they died and then came back? Because the Bible has two clear promises which seem to contradict this.