Greg Stier

Christian Post Guest Columnist

Angry Nerds

Is it me or is there a growing number of theologically conservative preachers, teachers and seminary students who just seem ticked off all of the time?

The Evangelist's Temptation

Every evangelist faces a huge temptation. No, I'm not talking about sexual immorality, nor am I talking about financial impropriety or even pride. I believe that most evangelists, at one time or another, succumb to its evil whisper.

How to Blow up a Church (Part 2)

Spiritually speaking how do you blow up a church, youth group, campus ministry or Sunday school with the right brand of new-believers-being-added-to-the-kingdom growth?

Evangelizing Mormons

I love Mormons. To be honest I don’t know if I’ve ever met a Mormon I didn’t like. Just the other day we had a Mormon family over to our house

Death Notice

With the same day passing of great men like Steve Jobs and great/godly men like Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth one can’t help but think about the brevity of life and the surety of death.