Greg Stier

Christian Post Guest Columnist

How to Reach Atheist Teenagers

I’ve developed my own set of relational “rules of engagement” that I follow when reaching out to teens who don’t believe in God. One of them: Mock religion as early as you can in the conversation.

The Sleeping Giant(s) in Your Church

Every Sunday morning most church members walk around this slumbering colossus in the foyer of their churches, dismissing its potential. Who is this sleeping giant? They are teenagers!

We Are God's App

You and I are God’s app. When we put our faith in Jesus we were spiritually reprogrammed by God to have several uses for a world in desperate need to tap into.

A Summer of Evangelism

What is your summer going to be of? Is it going to be a summer of video games? I want to challenge you to have a summer of evangelism.

The Real Judgment Days

Now that the fake judgment day, May 21st, has come and gone without a ripple (or a rapture for that matter) let’s talk a bit about the real Judgment Days. That’s right, according to the Bible there are two of them.

The Robbing of God

Are we guilty of attempted robbery against the King of kings? In our quest to explain the inexplicable have we turned into thieves of the divine?

Hell, Yes

Honestly, where's the debate? If you take God seriously and Scripture seriously then you have to take hell seriously.

Augustino, Me, Rob Bell and Hell

Amidst all the hub bub of Rob Bell's new book (haven't read it) I thought I'd post a discussion chain from one of my old blog's between me and a dude who rejects the thought that a loving God would send unbelievers into an eternal hell

Pray for Charlie Sheen

The public is intoxicated with his intoxication and, to be honest, I have been too. Let's stop mocking and start praying.

Do You Believe in God?

"Do You Believe in God?" It wasn't until I closed the store that night that I had found this little card next to my register

Lead from the Front

The best leaders lead from the front. They don't delegate, abdicate or relegate the heavy lifting to "subordinates."