Harry R. Jackson, Jr.

Christian Post Guest Columnist

I'm Glad I Met With President Trump

As one who has dedicated the majority of my adult life to advocating for righteousness and justice for all people, this was not a political or party meeting — it was a divine appointment. I would have a chance to once again represent the voiceless to the highest office in our land. I would be able to appeal on behalf of the incarcerated and their families.

Is Donald Trump Racist? (Part I)

At first glance it would seem that the Republican Party is determined to ignore the minority vote this election year. After all, its presumptive nominee is a man with unprecedented unfavorable ratings among Blacks, Latinos and other communities of color.

Churches: Technology Can Bring Money to the Hood!

As technology changes, so does the job market. Two centuries ago, most low skilled workers would have found work as farmhands, while a century ago they would have been employed in a factory. Today they are most likely to work in the service industry, whether in retail, food service, janitorial services or as personal care aides in a nursing home or hospital.

Obama Should Have Been Behind Bars!

This summer, President Obama made history by becoming the first sitting president to visit a federal prison. He met with inmates at the Federal Corrections Institute in El Reno (30 miles west of Oklahoma City), listening to their stories and sharing his own. The President was right to visit the prison and to advocate reviewing how Americans view our criminal justice process.

Black Money Matters!

No one living has missed the slogan " Black Lives Matter"! Even presidential contenders have been scolded because of their opinions about this slogan. But what about the economics of the black and brown communities?

Marijuana Laws: Going Up In Smoke?

Last December, Washington, DC voters approved a measure legalizing marijuana for users over 21. In a legislative battle that highlighted how controversial and complex the issue is, Congress immediately moved to ban the sale and purchase of the drug, creating a challenging situation for law enforcement.

God Is Alive in Hollywood

Filmmaking has historically been the territory of glamorous and highly secularized Hollywood. But like CCM, Christian filmmaking has been growing steadily, largely outside of Los Angeles

Measles: The Great Disease Debate of 2015

The measles outbreak that began in Disneyland last December has infected more than 100 people in 14 states, most recently victimizing five infants at a Chicago area daycare. Last year, there were 644 cases of measles reported, by far the largest number in a decade and a half.

How the Twitter Revolution Is Advancing Freedom

In the summer of 2009, thousands of Iranians took to the streets to protest what was almost certainly a rigged presidential election. The protests were quickly dubbed the "Twitter Revolution," because protestors were able to use the well-known social network to communicate with one another and with the world.

Healing America's Racial Divide

The recent national crisis and racial tension have underscored that America seems more divided than ever. On the one hand, President Obama believes that our differences are just being exposed. On the other hand a few of us feel that the President and Attorney General Holder exacerbated the race problem.

Is Castro's Cuba Still a Threat?

I remember seeing pictures of Fidel Castro for nearly 50 years. His image has changed from a black haired, Liam Neeson like figure dressed in combat fatigues to a wizened old man. Today's 88 year-old Castro does not look as dangerous or iron -willed as he did in the past, but very little about the essence of the man has changed.

Does the GOP Have a Prayer of Winning in 2014?

With the midterm elections rapidly approaching, candidates around the country are scrambling to make their case to voters. Republicans—whose brand has been weakening for at least a decade—are hoping to make big gains, particularly in the Senate. Polls indicate that many races are still tight, so the outcome is far from certain.