J. Warner Wallace

Op-Ed Contributor

The Latest Discovery About the Universe Points to an Even Greater Mystery

While the rate of cosmic movement is now being debated within the scientific community, one fact is clear, and this simple truth has profound implications: The universe is expanding. As astronomers and cosmologists imagine rewinding the cosmic clock, the most reasonable inference is that the expansion of the universe (like the expansion of the balloon) had a beginning.

No GQ, the Bible Is Not Racist, Sexist or Boring

As an atheist, I can remember saying something similar to a Christian co-worker. But that all changed as I began to investigate the Bible using the skills I had developed as a detective. I've now come to appreciate the Bible above all other texts (religious or otherwise), largely because the editors of GQ are wrong.

Japan's Secret to Long Life Was Never Really a Secret

The Guinness Book of World Records recently identified Masazo Nonakaas of Japan as the oldest living man. He is over 112 years old. Some contribute this longevity to a Japanese concept known as "Ikigai." The principles described in "Ikigai" are ancient Judeo-Christian values.