James Emery White

5 Keys to Going the Distance in Christian Ministry

What are the keys to a long tenure? I immediately thought of the usual things such as prayer and spiritual vitality, but in truth, I had never thought about what it has taken to plant a church and then lead it for now more than a quarter of a century. That is a long time to lead a single community of faith.

The Dark Side of Christmas You Probably Don't Know About

The Bible tells us that Mary wrapped the baby in cloths. Long strips of cloth were used to wrap the baby tight and keep their legs and arms straight and secure. The process is called swaddling. It tells us something of the lonely nature of Mary's motherhood that Luke records that she was the one who wrapped Jesus up after His birth—there was no midwife or relative helping, which would have been the norm. And from that darkness, we are given another picture of redemption.

Giving to Christ at Christmas, Why Not?

Over the years, the gifts given through Giving to Christ at Christmas have allowed Meck to help rebuild orphanages, supply relief to hurricane survivors in North and Central America, provide safe houses for girls rescued from human trafficking, and help the poor and needy in our city.