Janet Parshall

Special to CP

Supreme Court Shuffle

The last week in June is almost always reserved for the handing down of the most controversial opinions by the U.S. Supreme Court. Once again, the High Court saved the "big ones" until just before they left for summer recess.

When Sin Demands Civil Rights

America awaits the decision from the U.S. Supreme Court on the Defense of Marriage Act and Proposition 8, out of California. But while we wait, the culture is slowing moving away from God's position on the issue of homosexuality.

Has America Lost Its Soul?

A poll by the Gallup organization wanted to explore the topic of religion and its influence on America. What they found was alarming. According to Gallup, seven in ten Americans believe that religion is losing its influence on American life.

For Education, There's No Place Like Home

The Bible directs us to "look well to the ways of [your] household." (Prov. 31:27) and, for some families that means schooling them at home. But for one family from Germany, that choice could mean a whole lot more.

How Do You Define an 'Extremist'?

If you look up the word "extremist" in the dictionary, you will find it defined as 'one who goes to extremes or advocates extreme doctrines or practices.' If I were to ask you to name a group of extremists, who would come to mind?