Jeff Crouere

CP Op-ed Contributor

ABC Protects Verbally Abusive Host

Judge Jeanine Pirro was invited on "The View" to promote her new book, but it soon degenerated into a shouting match with Whoopi Goldberg. After she left the set and attempted to exit the building, Goldberg started yelling at the Judge again, "literally spitting" at her. She fumed, "F**k you, Get the F**k out of this building."

Run Hillary Run!

The problem for these Democratic Party leaders, who are both quite liberal, is that the base of their party is sprinting to the political left. The favored philosophy is no longer liberalism or progressivism, it is now socialism.

The Party of Hate

Many years ago, Democrats were known for their staunch support of peaceful protests and our First Amendment rights guaranteeing free speech. Today, party activists have become intolerant, hateful and, in too many cases, violent.

Moore Insanity From a Fringe Filmmaker

Filmmaker Michael Moore announced that his upcoming documentary, Fahrenheit 11/9, will be released on September 21. In the film, Moore will attempt to politically damage President Donald Trump by taking a "provocative and comedic look at the times in which we live."

Americans Are Tiring of Mueller Witch Hunt

While more Americans show appreciation for President Trump, it has not impacted the liberal media. For the Trump haters on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC, these good news stories are only momentary distractions from their most significant issues: Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Stormy Daniels and Impeachment.

A Nutty Professor Strikes Again

It happened again, another university professor was exposed as an unhinged liberal, filled with uncontrollable rage. Randa Jarrar tweeted that Mrs. Bush was a "racist" and that she was glad the "the witch is dead." Throughout the country, in far too many colleges and universities, administrators have hired nutcases like Jarrar to teach impressionable youngsters.

Ryan Must Resign Now to Save the GOP

In recent weeks, it has been looking bleak for Republicans as the Democrats have won a number of special elections. There have also been a large number of Republicans either resigning or declaring they will not be seeking re-election.

Trump Is Weathering a Storm of Media Abuse

The Trump hating media has found a new obsession and her name is Stormy Daniels. Each woman who dared to make an accusation against Bill Clinton was called "trailer trash" and worse. In contrast, Daniels has been viewed as a very credible woman making serious allegations.