Jeff Crouere

CP Op-ed Contributor

A Nutty Professor Strikes Again

It happened again, another university professor was exposed as an unhinged liberal, filled with uncontrollable rage. Randa Jarrar tweeted that Mrs. Bush was a "racist" and that she was glad the "the witch is dead." Throughout the country, in far too many colleges and universities, administrators have hired nutcases like Jarrar to teach impressionable youngsters.

Ryan Must Resign Now to Save the GOP

In recent weeks, it has been looking bleak for Republicans as the Democrats have won a number of special elections. There have also been a large number of Republicans either resigning or declaring they will not be seeking re-election.

Trump Is Weathering a Storm of Media Abuse

The Trump hating media has found a new obsession and her name is Stormy Daniels. Each woman who dared to make an accusation against Bill Clinton was called "trailer trash" and worse. In contrast, Daniels has been viewed as a very credible woman making serious allegations.

Trump Still Standing Despite Media Onslaught

The difference is that the media loved Barack Obama, but hates Donald Trump. To be as popular as his beloved predecessor when so much of the media is arrayed against him is certainly one of the President's most impressive accomplishments of 2017.

Trump Causes Conservatives to Go Crazy

It has been a good week for Donald Trump. He continues to lead in the national polls and has regained the lead in Iowa. The media continues to obsess about everything Trump; his statements, his campaign and his rallies. Crowds were massive for Trump this week in Iowa, Oklahoma and Nevada.

Obama Wins Turkey of the Year Award

For the past ten years, we have enjoyed a holiday tradition on the Ringside Politics program, bestowing the "Turkey of the Year" award on the most deserving politician or celebrity.

The Trump Formula for Success

Even though a new Quinnipiac University poll showed Dr. Ben Carson with a lead in Iowa, Donald Trump is still leading in every national poll on the GOP presidential race.

Democrats in Total Freak Out Mode Over Hillary Clinton Email Scandal

These scandals, along with the continuing controversy about her role in the Benghazi cover-up and the questionable Clinton Foundation donations may be too overwhelming for Hillary to continue her campaign. If she does not exit the race, her party may push for alternatives that are not under federal investigation.

GOP Elites: A Confederacy of Dunces

The GOP power brokers are beyond upset, they are apoplectic. Last month, their favored candidate, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, announced for President, but he was immediately overshadowed by Donald Trump, who officially entered the race the next day.

Kid Rock 1, Ariana Grande 0

This week, two major music stars made national news. Pop sensation Ariana Grande insulted the country when she was captured on video at a doughnut shop saying "I hate Americans, I hate America."