Jeff Crouere

CP Op-ed Contributor

Trump Causes Conservatives to Go Crazy

It has been a good week for Donald Trump. He continues to lead in the national polls and has regained the lead in Iowa. The media continues to obsess about everything Trump; his statements, his campaign and his rallies. Crowds were massive for Trump this week in Iowa, Oklahoma and Nevada.

Obama Wins Turkey of the Year Award

For the past ten years, we have enjoyed a holiday tradition on the Ringside Politics program, bestowing the "Turkey of the Year" award on the most deserving politician or celebrity.

The Trump Formula for Success

Even though a new Quinnipiac University poll showed Dr. Ben Carson with a lead in Iowa, Donald Trump is still leading in every national poll on the GOP presidential race.

Democrats in Total Freak Out Mode Over Hillary Clinton Email Scandal

These scandals, along with the continuing controversy about her role in the Benghazi cover-up and the questionable Clinton Foundation donations may be too overwhelming for Hillary to continue her campaign. If she does not exit the race, her party may push for alternatives that are not under federal investigation.

GOP Elites: A Confederacy of Dunces

The GOP power brokers are beyond upset, they are apoplectic. Last month, their favored candidate, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, announced for President, but he was immediately overshadowed by Donald Trump, who officially entered the race the next day.

Kid Rock 1, Ariana Grande 0

This week, two major music stars made national news. Pop sensation Ariana Grande insulted the country when she was captured on video at a doughnut shop saying "I hate Americans, I hate America."

The Great Pretenders

Before the nation had a chance to digest the spectacle of former Olympic star Bruce Jenner transitioning into a female by the name of "Caitlyn," another pretender has emerged. It seems that the NAACP President of Spokane, Washington is actually, heaven forbid, white. For years, Rachel Dolezal claimed to be an African American, but now her cover has been blown by her own mother, Ruthanne Dolezal, who informed the media that her daughter is indeed white.

The More the Merrier in GOP Presidential Race

This was a busy week in the GOP presidential sweepstakes as two candidates jumped into the race: U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and former Texas Governor Rick Perry. Currently, there are ten announced candidates running for the Republican presidential nomination and the number will surely grow.

Hillary's Media Coverage Is as Poor as Her Southern Accent

The media should be having a field day with presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. For her entire political life, Hillary Clinton's name has been synonymous with scandal. From cattle futures to the Rose Law Firm to the White Travel Office, Hillary Clinton was never far from the scandals that plagued her husband's presidency.

Are the Obama's Helping or Hurting Racial Reconciliation?

As the Obama administration mercifully begins to wind toward the end of its second term, both the President and the First Lady will continue to distract from their horrible record. Their favorite distraction is to claim racial discrimination exists in this nation and is needs to be corrected through government action.

Attorney General Lynch Follows a Liberal Formula In Baltimore

It was no surprise that new Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced the Department of Justice will launch a civil rights investigation of the Baltimore Police Department. This is the second investigation that has been authorized in the wake of the riots that broke out following the death of Freddie Gray. The other investigation is looking into potential violations of Gray's civil rights.

Jameis Winston: The NFL's Most Recent Criminal?

The first selection by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFL draft was former Heisman Trophy winner and Florida State Quarterback Jameis Winston. It was no surprise to many analysts who predicted Winston would be chosen due to his superior athletic talent. Undoubtedly, Winston is a gifted athlete, but he also comes with a tremendous amount of baggage.

Now May Be the Time for John McCain to Retire

For John McCain, 34 years in Congress will not be enough, so he wants another six years as U.S. Senator. In fact, he told one reporter that his Senate career was "just getting started." If elected again, McCain will be 86 at the end of his next term.

Reid and Weep Democrats

After five terms in the United States Senate and two terms in the House of Representatives, staunchly partisan Democrat Senator Harry Reid will finally relinquish his hold on the public trough. He will retire at the end of this term, which means he has 22 months left in office to aggravate Republicans. Nonetheless, the announcement is still a big blow for Democrats, who will be losing their Senate leader.