Jeff Schapiro

Christian Post Reporter


  • Federal Judge Grants Injunction Against Gay Reparative Therapy Ban

    A federal judge has granted a temporary injunction against a California law that bans mental health professionals from using reparative therapy as a means of helping gay minors reduce or eliminate their same-sex attraction.

  • RGIII After Redskins Win: 'God's on Our Side'

    After leading his team to victory over the defending Super Bowl champions in his first ever Monday Night Football appearance, Washington Redskins rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III jokingly suggested one fortunate fumble-turned-touchdown may have been the result of some divine intervention.

  • DOE Investigating School Over Bible and Homosexuality Comments

    A federal investigation has begun in an Alabama school district after a Junior ROTC instructor allegedly expressed his belief that the Bible does not support the homosexual lifestyle during class.

  • Family of 'Two and A Half Men' Star Fears He Joined a Cult

    The family of Angus T. Jones, the "Two and A Half Men" star whose video testimony recently went viral after he called the show "filth," is concerned that he may have joined a cult that is taking advantage of him.

  • Wireless Carriers Turn to Churches to Boost Cell Signals

    Some wireless carriers are offering churches thousands of dollars per month to allow them to put in a new cell tower or antenna on church property, though there are both benefits and risks for churches that allow them to do so.

  • Missionaries' Quintuplets Gaining Strength, One More Remains at Hospital

    Four out of five quintuplets born to a missionary couple are now home with their parents after overcoming medical issues stemming from their premature births. In 2005 they began serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators as missionaries to Papau New Guinea, where Gavin works as a helicopter pilot and mechanic, and Carrie is a public health worker.

  • Minn. City Stops Christians From Evangelizing at Tour of Lights Event

    An emergency motion was filed against the City of Duluth, Minn., earlier this week after the city continued to deny Christians the right to share their faith at a holiday lighting event that is held annually in a public park.

  • Southern Baptists Provide Over 1.2 Million Meals to Hurricane Sandy Victims

    As families across the nation prepare their Thanksgiving Day dinners, victims of Hurricane Sandy can be thankful for the more than 1.2 million meals that have been served to them by Southern Baptist Disaster Relief (SBDR) volunteers since the storm hit.

  • 'Merry Christmas Charlie Brown' at Center of Elementary School Controversy

    The theater adaptation of a classic Christmas cartoon is at the center of a controversy in Little Rock, Ark., where an atheist group has complained about an elementary school's plans to take its students to see the production of "Merry Christmas Charlie Brown" at a local church.

  • Authors Ask: 'What If Jesus Really Meant What He Said?'

    Best-selling Christian authors Shane Claiborne and Tony Campolo say discussions about Christian doctrine are important, but believers today have gotten away from living out the simple, practical life-teachings of Jesus Christ.