Jeff Schapiro

Christian Post Reporter

How Should the Church Love a Gay Couple? (Part 2)

Behind the church's debate over homosexuality, behind the theology and the politics, lies a community of people who need Jesus Christ. Regardless of a church's stance on homosexuality, understanding gay couples and how they view the church may provide some key insights into how this group of people can be better reached with the Gospel.

Inside Church Planting: Outreach in an Unfamiliar Territory (Part 4)

When most people hear the word "missionary" they probably imagine a Christian worker in a faraway land who is trying to adapt to a new culture while also trying to share the Gospel with the indigenous people. Church planters, in many ways, view themselves similar to that of a missionary because they have to know the people and the culture they are trying to reach in order to effectively share the message of Jesus Christ.

Interview With Director of 'Jesus Was a Commie' Film

"Communism" is an ugly word in the United States and has been closely associated if not altogether defined by fascist leaders like Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin. But actor and filmmaker Matthew Modine says there is another leader who was a communist but isn't like the others: Jesus.

Matt Chandler Explains 'The Explicit Gospel' in Live Webcast

As the lead pastor of a megachurch in the Bible Belt, Matt Chandler has come across many people who grew up believing they should pursue a type of religious morality over Jesus and his Gospel because that is what they were taught in their churches. On Saturday, Chandler discussed his new book, The Explicit Gospel, during a live webcast from CrossPointe Church in Orlando, Fla., and explained why morality isn't enough.

Christian Website Aids NASCAR Driver After He Loses Major Sponsor

Blake Koch, a NASCAR driver who competes for Rick Ware Racing, was nearly sidelined recently after losing his primary sponsor, in part because of his Christian beliefs. Fortunately for Koch, however, intervened by sponsoring him for a race and by starting a campaign to help him find a more permanent solution to his financial problems on the track.