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Inside Church Planting: Poor, Struggling, but Sold Out on the Vision (Part 2)

As the campus pastor of a church plant, I have heard funny, sad and inspiring stories about what it is like to be a part of a new church in its earliest stages of life. It can be a painful process at times; church planters often work long hours for little pay in order to see the vision that God has given them fulfilled. Sometimes, it seems, vision is all they have, but in the tough times it can also be enough to get them by.

Former Atheist Activist Patrick Greene Responds to Critics

Patrick Greene was an outspoken atheist until recently, when the generosity of a few Christians caused him to reconsider his beliefs. He now says he is a Christian. But some people – atheists as well as Christians – aren't just taking him at his word, and are openly criticizing both Greene and his conversion.

Nonprofit Created as an Affordable Retreat for Christian Leaders

Pastors and missionaries can work long and unusual hours while ministering to the needs of others, and they rarely have time for relaxation. That is why Celia Crie Perry, a 74-year-old woman who understands just how difficult it is to be a minister, created a vacation house in Rockland, Maine, where church leaders can get away from their work for a while.

Tebow More Marketable Than Everyone but Oprah, Adele, and Princess Kate

Tim Tebow was recently announced as a backup quarterback for the New York Jets football team. But when it comes to being a spokesperson for a product, he is a first-stringer. According to the findings of a new marketing index, the outspoken Christian quarterback's endorsement is one of the most marketable among today's celebrities.

Inside Church Planting: Who Are the Church Planters? (Part 1)

There are churches in the United States that are hundreds of years old. Many of them have rich traditions and have seen hundreds if not thousands of people come to know Jesus Christ through their ministries. Yet there is a special crop of people – the church planters – who feel called not to preach from pulpits in front of well-established congregations, but to create churches of their own.

Ex-Gay Becomes Deacon at Local Church

Dean is an important member of his local church. He is a deacon, and says he sometimes gets so busy with ministry that he has to shut off his phone so he can rest and not take any calls. Dean is also a former homosexual, who says sanctification – the process by which Christians are increasingly set apart for Christ through obedience – is a process that lasts a lifetime.

Atheist Activist With Failing Vision Gets Help From Christians

Atheist activist Patrick Greene had plans to sue Henderson County, Texas, just a few months ago if the county did not move its nativity scene from the courthouse lawn to a private property. He eventually dropped his threats, however, after discovering he was quickly losing his vision. Not long after his decision was reported, donations began pouring in from Christians who wanted to lend the non-believer a helping hand, with no strings attached.

New Christian Foundation Was Vision of Slain College Student

Dale Settle Jr. had a vision to take the business degree he was working toward at The University of Akron and use it to establish a ministry that would help people with both their physical and spiritual needs. He was killed by a gunman before he ever saw the ministry take form, but the vision he had is being carried on today by his parents and the foundation that now bears his name.

Testimony of Blogger Rescued From Gay Lifestyle Inspires Others

Less than two years ago Matt Moore's life was completely transformed when he put his faith in Jesus Christ. Having indulged himself for years in heavy drinking and a homosexual lifestyle, his life changed drastically when he realized he needed to submit to God and His view of homosexuality according to the Bible. Today, Moore is using his testimony to reach out to others and show them how God is powerful enough to save anyone in the midst of their struggles with all types of sin.

NYT Accused of Double Standard on Religion; Claims to Be Protecting Troops

The New York Times recently published an advertisement purchased by an atheist organization called "It's Time to Consider Quitting The Catholic Church." But when another organization tried to buy a similar advertisement against Islam, the newspaper decided not to immediately publish the ad, causing some to question whether or not the newspaper has a double standard on religion.

Salvation Army Youth Programs in High Demand During Recession

The Salvation Army released a report on Monday that shows a nationwide increase in the demand for youth programs throughout the economic recession. Unfortunately, the report, titled "Growing Up in a Downturn," also reveals that many such programs have at the same time had to make cuts in staff and programming, and in some cases have even closed down, due to a lack of funding.