Jeff Schapiro

Christian Post Reporter

'Date' With Tim Tebow Makes Little Girl Face of Genetic Disorder

Several weeks ago Presli Collins, a 10-year-old girl with a genetic disorder that causes tumors to grow in her body, spent five hours with Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow as his "date" at the Cartoon Network Hall of Game Awards show in California. Little did her family know at the time, however, that Presli would become the face of her condition, at least for a few weeks, as a result.

Pastors Offer Help to Community Stunned by Ohio School Shooting

Emotions are running high in the city of Chardon, Ohio, where a gunman went on a horrific shooting spree at Chardon High School on Monday that has resulted in the death of three students and the wounding of two others. But as members of the community mourn, area pastors have banded together to lend an ear, help residents with the grieving process and show people that there is hope in God.

Richard Dawkins Reveals He Is Agnostic

When Richard Dawkins, the world-famous evolutionary biologist, and Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, took the stage at the United Kingdom's University of Oxford for a discussion over the origins of nature on Thursday, almost everyone thought the university had pitted an atheist against a Christian. Almost everyone was wrong.

'Our Favorite Sins:' How to Resist Even the Toughest Temptations

Everyone knows what it's like to give in to temptation, and to feel the shame that often follows. Sometimes even Christians feel that resistance to the things that tempt them the most is futile, so they should just accept defeat, but in his newest book, Anglican Bishop Todd Hunter explains how Americans can overcome the desires that are most haunting to them.

Youth Ministry, Virtuous Teen Magazine Help Girls With Self-Image

The messages that girls receive from teen magazines are often discouraging and degrading to their sense of self-worth, because very few teens feel as thin, pretty or savvy as cover girl models appear to be. That is why Acquire the Fire is teaming up with Virtuous Teen magazine to help spread the word to teenage girls that God loves them just as they are.

Exodus Int'l Head Calls Gays 'Brothers and Sisters in Christ'

The president of the world's largest ministry to homosexuals and their families recently attempted to clarify controversial statements he made at a Gay Christian Network conference in Orlando, Fla., including one in which he described gays at the conference as "brothers and sisters in Christ."

Most Popular Super Bowl Ads Go to the Dogs

The commercials from Super Bowl XLVI were packed with memorable advertising moments, including a nude M&M's character and a "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" parody by Honda. But some of the most beloved ads from this year's football spectacle featured mankind's four-legged friends.

National Atheist Ad Campaign Targets Black Community

Atheist organizations from around the country have taken to billboard advertising to promote their views and their organizations over the last few months, but a new campaign by one atheist organization is focusing on reaching one group of people in particular: African-Americans.

Interns for Teen Mania Say Environment Is Nurturing, Not Abusive

A documentary aired on MSNBC last November that portrayed Teen Mania Ministries (TMM), one of the largest Christian youth organizations in the U.S., as a cult that abuses its Honor Academy interns and uses mind control against them. On Tuesday, the organization's newest class of interns spoke with The Christian Post to offer their perspective on what the academy is like from their experiences.