Jennifer Gold

Christian Today Reporter

Jerusalem Bishop 'Grieved' by Gaza Crisis

The Anglican Bishop in Jerusalem has expressed his dismay at the latest conflict to hit the Holy Land. The Rt. Rev. Suheil S. Dawani said in a statement that his diocese was "stunned and saddened" as well as "grieved by the severity" of the ongoing military operations in Gaza.

Church's Women Bishops Proposals Draw Mixed Response

Draft legislation, published Monday, outlined plans for a "national code of practice" under which the Archbishops of Canterbury and York could appoint complementary male bishops to offer pastoral care and perform functions for parishes opposed to the ministry of women.

Anglican Leader Questions Human Cost of Economic Measures

A response to the economic downturn must not come at the expense of the most vulnerable, says the Archbishop of Canterbury. Dr. Rowan Williams appeared to warn the government against dealing with the credit crunch in a similar way to Hitler's leadership of Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

New Report Maps Church's Work with Vulnerable Children

Christian children's charity Viva has published a major new report mapping the work thousands of Christians are doing with some of the world's most vulnerable children. The report warns that the effectiveness of Christian work is being hindered by a lack of awareness of what churches are doing.

Methodists Seek End to Gaza Blockade

The Methodist Church is calling on the UK Government to put pressure on Israel to lift its blockade of the Gaza Strip as aid agencies and human rights groups warn that the already dire humanitarian situation is deteriorating rapidly.

Campaigners to Call Time on Global Greed

Protesters are planning to gather outside the Guildhall with alarm clocks and banners reading "Call Time on Global Greed" as Prime Minister Gordon Brown addresses representatives of the financial sector at the Lord Mayor of London's banquet on Monday night.

Pro-lifers Rally Behind Cord Blood Storage

British politician David Burrowes is to present a measure to Parliament for its second reading on Friday as he continues to champion a new ethical treatment using umbilical cord blood. He said earlier that he wanted the wider public to be more informed about the value and benefits of cord blood.