Jentezen Franklin

The Number One Responsibility of Every Man

Life is busy. You may have heard that the key to managing it all is to prioritize and put first things first. It seems to be sound enough advice, but sometimes even your best attempt at doing so may still leave you wondering, "What is my number one responsibility?"

Jentezen Franklin: No More Friendly Fire From Christians

I am shocked and saddened to see the attack that some pastors, who have been working over the course of the last year in order to help advocate for long-needed prison sentencing reform, received at the hands of thousands of their social media followers, many of which I'm sure they consider friends. And some are just vicious and outright evil.

Beyond These Walls

Are we sharing what we have with those beyond these walls? Beyond these walls are people who are lost and don't know Jesus can rescue them. We can't just come to church week after week, experience the saving power of Jesus, live in His blessing, and then keep all of it to ourselves.

Keep Heaven on Your Mind

Satan tries to keep us focused on our problems so we forget about our promises. He wants us to live shallow, earth-bound lives. Our enemy wants us to focus on the temporary and lose sight of the eternal, because we become dangerous to his plans when we have eternity in our sight.

Becoming a God-Possessed Generation

Elkanah faced trouble in the world, trouble in the church, and even trouble in his home. It seemed nothing was going right for Elkanah. Maybe that sounds familiar. But all God needs is one person committed wholeheartedly to Him to change everything.

5 Reasons We Should Always Support Israel

Jerusalem is the seat of Israel's government, and they reserve the right to determine their own capital city, as does any other sovereign nation throughout the world. The reasons for standing with Israel are clear and overwhelming, but in case there's any doubt, here are the five most important ones.