Jerry Newcombe

CP Op-Ed Contributor

Obamacare Reminds Me of 'Animal Farm'

Now that we've had just a few weeks of the mess that is Obamacare, it brings home how grossly unfair it is for the political class to impose it on the rest of us and not have to abide by it. It may yet collapse on its own weight.

God or Old President's: Who Rules Your Wallet

There's virtually not a week that goes by without some sort of lawsuit or complaint against a reference to God or Jesus in the public arena. Often times these lawsuits or complaints are along the lines of "I'm offended," and that settles it---so the Ten Commandments have to go, God has to be chiseled out.

Abortion Can Make the Heart Callous

One of the many tragedies of abortion is the way it has cheapened human life. I am not saying that those who are pro-abortion are Nazis or Communists. But I am saying that abortion has blinded some people to dehumanize the unborn.

Killing Christians With Impunity?

It turns out that the last century was the worst century ever for the persecution of Christians and martyrdom. Dr. David Barrett, a leading church statistician, says there were more Christians martyred in the 20th century than had been murdered in all previous centuries combined.

Forgotten Heroes of 9/11

There are many heroes we can honor on 9/11. Such as those who fought back on the plane that went down in a field in Pennsylvania. (Said Todd Beamer: "It's time. Let's roll.") Such as all those firemen who went up the Twin Towers as they were burning from the terrorist attacks

The Politically Incorrect Rev. Dr. King

In our highly secular age, the politically correct Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. has been yanked from his biblical context---deeply rooted in the Judeo-Christian tradition. That doesn't mean he wasn't a flawed man. No one but Jesus is without sin.

Obamacare Threatens Charitable Hospitals

It's a good thing our current administration wasn't around in the 4th century when St. Basil of Caesarea invented what writer George Grant calls "the first non-ambulatory hospital" in history, i.e., a medical facility with beds.

Pride; The Sin Behind Many Headlines

In scanning the headlines today, I noticed how there's an untold story that lay at the root of so many of the developments in the news---human pride. I'm not talking about pride in the sense of self-dignity or self-respect, but in the sense of arrogance, hubris, and haughtiness.

Remembering Those Who Died for Our Nation

Memorial Day is a good time for all Americans to give thanks for our hard-fought freedoms. Think of the bloody footprints in the snow at Valley Forge from our soldiers who endured that savage winter of 1777-1778. They did it for us. Jesus said it best; "No greater love has anyone than that he lay down his life for his friends." But are we using this freedom well?

Does the SPLC Really Foster Hate?

There are millions of evangelical Christians in this country, as well as Catholics. To label them as haters and as dangerous boggles the mind. Many of them pray daily, "Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven." Or "…where there is hatred, let me sow love…" Where's the hate?