Jessica Martinez

CP Reporter

Calif. Public Schools to Comply With Transgender Student Rights Law Beginning January 2014

California public schools are currently preparing to enforce a law that will allow K-12 transgender students to participate in sex-segregated sports programs and use restroom facilities consistent with their gender identity. However, if a referendum brought forth by a coalition of conservative groups is approved, the law's enactment will be postponed until it qualifies to get on the November 2014 general election ballot.

Glenn Beck Offers 'Duck Dynasty' Air Time on His Network

Conservative political commentator Glenn Beck took to his radio program recently to urge the "Duck Dynasty" family to take a stand regarding the backlash that they have received over Phil Robertson's opinion on homosexuality. He also offered them a place on his network, should they be released from airing their hit show on A&E.

Famed Fashion Photographer Set to Shoot New Collection of Jesus in 21st Century World in Spring 2014

Famed fashion photographer, Michael Belk, used to shoot designer ad campaigns that appeared in high-end magazines including Vogue, Elle and Vanity Fair among others, but after much soul searching, he began to use his talent to focus on faith-based photography instead. Now, Belk is gearing up to shoot a second installment of images that feature Jesus living in modern times as an extension to his 2009 project, "Journey with the Messiah."

Houston Fitness Expert to Tackle Obesity Across 100 Churches in 2014

Samir Becic, a volunteer that leads fitness classes at Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church, and an internationally known personal fitness trainer and leader of Health Fitness Revolution, a movement dedicated to helping Americans become healthy, is currently gearing up to take on 100 churches throughout the country to let Christians know that living healthier can help them stay in tune with their spiritual life.