Jim Denison

Christian Post Columnist

What You Can Do About Same-Sex Marriage

The Supreme Court may strike down the Defense of Marriage Act. In addition, it may declare California's ban on gay marriage (Proposition 8) to be unconstitutional. We won't know the Court's decisions until June, but the ramifications of this issue are already affecting Christians in significant ways.

Jesus Was Not Politically Correct

President Obama continues his Middle East tour today, amid signs of a warming relationship between himself and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. For instance, as the president and prime minister were preparing to inspect a missile system, they were told to walk along a red line on the airport tarmac. Remembering Mr. Netanyahu's repeated warnings about a "red line" in Iran's nuclear development, Mr. Obama pointed toward the prime minister and joked, "He's always talking to me about red lines." He added, "So this is all a psychological ploy." Chuckling, Mr. Netanyahu replied, "This was minutely planned."

Kid President's Pep Talk Goes Viral

"Kid President" is a nine-year-old in Tennessee named Robby Novak. He has osteogenesis imperfecta, a disease that makes his bones brittle and has led to more than 70 broken bones and 13 surgeries. He has steel rods in both legs.

Baptist University to Offer Sex Reassignment Surgery

Brown University was founded in 1764 by a group of Baptist ministers. It has held its commencement services in First Baptist Church of Providence, Rhode Island (the first Baptist church in America) since 1776. Now it has become the 37th American college to include "sex reassignment surgeries" in its student health care plans.

Methodist University Expels Chick-fil-A

Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia will remove Chick-fil-A from its campus food court. The intense campaign waged by gay and lesbian students is being credited for the decision. Ironically, Emory was founded by the Methodist Church and named for a Methodist bishop.

'Preachers' Daughters' Shows Hollywood vs. Faith

A pastor's daughter fantasizes about becoming a porn star. Another pastor's daughter struggles with telling her parents she's not sure of her child's paternity. These are some of the plot lines in Preachers' Daughters, a reality show which aired last night on the Lifetime network. The program received interest from six different networks. Imagine the backlash from Muslims if Lifetime aired a similar show titled "Imams' Daughters," or from the Jewish community for "Rabbis' Daughters."

The Significance of Hugo Chavez's Death and Faith

Hugo Chavez died Tuesday at the age of 58. The flamboyant president of Venezuela was diagnosed with cancer in 2011 and had undergone four operations in Cuba. After his last Cuban treatment was unsuccessful he turned to doctors in Brazil, but it was too late. Venezuela's Vice President Nicolas Maduro announced Chavez's passing, calling his death "a moment of deep pain." What does it mean for the U.S. and for Christians?

How Can Christians Influence the Boy Scouts?

How can a person disagree with the Scouts' decision without seeming bigoted or hard-hearted? Consider Derek Nance, a longtime Boy Scout and camp leader. His video disclosing that he is gay ends with this statement: "Until the time comes that I can again work at summer camp without having to hide who I am, this uniform will proudly hang in my closet waiting for things to get better." Watching it, my heart goes out to him.

Why Did God Allow Brazilian Nightclub Fire?

If you lost someone you love in the fire, wouldn't you be asking how an all-knowing, all-loving, all-powerful God could allow such a tragedy? I would. I would wager that innocent suffering has caused more atheism than any other issue.

Why Are Young People Leaving Religion?

A third of young adults in America say they don't belong to any religion. Why? NPR did a fascinating story on this phenomenon, interviewing six young adults in Washington, D.C. They came from Jewish, Muslim, and Christian traditions. One was raised Jewish; she still loves going to synagogue but describes herself as having an "agnostic bent."

God on Trial in Newtown

The self-professed Creator of the universe claims to be all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-loving. For millions of people, it is harder to believe such assertions after the Newtown massacre. Atheist Sam Harris declares that "the murder of a single little girl – even once in a million years – casts doubt upon the idea of a benevolent God." Now we're facing the killing of 20 children in one of the deadliest school shootings in American history.

Why Is the Twilight Saga so Popular?

The last Twilight Saga movie premieres tonight. Why are these films so wildly popular? Some credit Meyer's descriptive writing style and alluring characters. Others point to Edward's romantic charm—he is old-fashioned in many ways, respectful and protective of Bella, insisting that they remain chaste until they marry.

Presidential Election and 'We the Purple'

Now that President Obama has been reelected, I'd like to offer some reflections on yesterday's election. The Washington Post called the day our "civic holiday." Whether your candidate won or lost, what America accomplished Tuesday is truly remarkable.

What Are We to Make of LifeWay Pulling 'The Blind Side' From Shelves?

If Christians shouldn't see "The Blind Side," what movies depicting life in our culture should we see? If Christian publications have uniformly endorsed the movie, why are Southern Baptists deciding three years after its release to make this an issue? As they prepare to elect their first African-American president, should this controversy be their focus?

Miss USA and 'The Liar's Workout'

Miss Rhode Island won last night's "Miss USA" contest. Her support for transgendered contest participants drew loud applause from the crowd and is consistent with the pageant's official position. Miss Ohio is also in the news for citing "Pretty Woman" as a positive depiction of women on screen. In the film, Julia Roberts plays a prostitute who eventually leaves her profession with a man who had hired her services for a week.

Josh Hamilton's Secret

In breaking news, the pope's butler has agreed to cooperate with investigators. Observers are now speculating that other church leaders will soon be implicated in the widening scandal. Meanwhile, Apple's CEO Tim Cook has passed on $75 million in dividend payments due to him over the next 9 years. His decision is a welcome departure from the inflated CEO salaries that regularly lead the news.

Will the World End in Your Lifetime?

Twenty-two percent of Americans think the world will end in their lifetime. According to a recent Reuters poll, nearly 15 percent of people worldwide agree. The numbers range from 6 percent in France to 22 percent in Turkey and the U.S. What explains this phenomenon?

How to End the War on Terror

In breaking news this morning, suicide bombers have killed seven people in Afghanistan and wounded 17, most of them Afghan children on their way to school. According to a Taliban spokesman, their attack was in response to President Obama's visit to their country.

Obeying Church and State

The nation's Catholic bishops recently "urged resistance to laws that church officials consider unjust." They encouraged "fellow Catholics and fellow Americans to be on guard, for religious liberty is under attack, both at home and abroad." I write each week for the Texas Faith blog of The Dallas Morning News. This week we were asked to respond to this timely question: "How far should people of faith go in resisting laws they consider unjust?"

Twelve Religions in Twelve Months

Did you hear about the man who practiced twelve religions in twelve months? Andrew Bowen was Hindu in January, Baha'i in February, Zoroastrian in March, Jewish in April, Buddhist in May, and agnostic in June. He practiced Mormonism in July, Islam in August, the Sikh faith in September, Wicca in October, Jain in November, and Catholicism in December.