Jim Denison

Christian Post Columnist

What the Press Isn't Telling You About Syria

David Brooks, my favorite New York Times columnist, identifies "the biggest threat to world peace right now" as "the possibility of a wave of sectarian strife building across the Middle East." Others go even further. One British politician is warning that the conflict in Syria raises "the spectre of a third world war." Another news outlet headlines: "Could Syria ignite World War 3?"

9 Interesting Office Facts for Labor Day

In honor of today's Labor Day holiday, here are nine "interesting office facts": 1. Americans spend at least 1,896 hours a year at work. 2. One percent of U.S. employers allow employees to take naps during working hours. 3. Women business owners employ 35 percent more people than all the Fortune 500 companies combined.

Angelina Jolie Advocates Teenage Cohabitation

When Angelina Jolie was 14, her boyfriend was allowed to live with her. The actress plans to raise her children the same way. This fact introduces USA Today's column titled, "Let teenagers have their romantic sleepovers." The subtitle explains: "As youthful cohabitation rises, parents should see it as an opportunity to teach." The writer cites research indicating that by age 18, nine percent of women have cohabited. By age 20, the number rises to 26 percent.

Ashton Kutcher's Great Advice at Teen Choice Awards

Kutcher recently sounded "really smart" on his own when he won the "Ultimate Choice Award" at the Teen Choice Awards. After he accepted the award, he told the audience that he felt like a fraud. "My name is not even actually Ashton," he said. Ashton is his middle name; his first name is Chris. He changed it to Ashton when he became an actor at the age of 19.

For Sale: Baby – Only $100

Paul Marquez is a 23-year-old New Yorker. He is in jail today, charged with attempting to sell the baby of a woman he dated on Craigslist for $100. He has pled not guilty; a friend says, "he probably did it as a joke." He reportedly faces up to a year in jail if convicted.

Royal Baby: 11 Surprising Facts

As everyone in the galaxy knows, Kate had her baby. But not everyone knows the following facts (at least I didn't). One: We may not know the boy's name for some time. It was a week before William's name was announced, while Charles's name remained a mystery for a month. He is officially "His Royal Highness Prince (insert name) of Cambridge."

The Heroes Who Signed the Declaration of Independence

The American hero who authored our Declaration of Independence died on this day, exactly 50 years after its signing. "This is the Fourth of July," Thomas Jefferson noted on his last day. John Adams, patriot and second American president, passed away on the same day.

Getting Ready for DOMA and Prop 8

The Supreme Court has announced that it will deliver its much-anticipated rulings on same-sex marriage today at 10 AM EDT. We don't yet know what the court will decide, but here are the options.

Learning From James Gandolfini's Death

James Gandolfini was known to the world as Tony Soprano, the mythical mob boss who won three Emmy Awards. The announcement of his death made global headlines yesterday. He was only 51 years old.

Gay Couple Invited to White House for Father's Day

Kent and Diego Love-Ramirez live together in Lansing, Michigan with their two-and-a-half-year-old son, Lucas. They volunteer with the Family Equality Council, an organization that promotes families for homosexuals, and worked with the Michigan Pride Festival last year. As a result, they came to the attention of the Obama administration. Last week, they were invited to the White House for a Father's Day event. They will be on the South Lawn today at midday and hope for a photo op with the president.

Is Dan Brown's 'Inferno' True?

Dan Brown's novels have been published in 52 languages, with 200 million copies in print. This son of a math teacher and a church organist has frustrated theologians like me for years with his misleading attacks on the historicity of the Christian faith, most notably in The DaVinci Code. I read his latest novel, Inferno, with much apprehension. To my surprise, there is not a single line attacking the Church or the faith of its members.

Why Is This Cheerios Cereal Ad So Controversial?

Their latest ad depicts an adorable little girl asking her mother if Cheerios is good for the heart. She explains that it is. The girl then pours Cheerios on her sleeping father's chest. What's the problem? The mother is Anglo, the father African-American.

Are You Tired of the Homosexuality Debate?

France's first same-sex wedding was held this week. The latest New Yorker's Mother's Day cover pictures a lesbian couple reading a card from their three children in their kitchen. Since last March, when the Supreme Court heard arguments over same-sex marriage, three more states have legalized gay marriage.

What Happened to the Oklahoma Children Who Died?

As we watched the news coverage, many of us asked faith's hardest questions: Why did God allow such a tragedy? Why didn't he prevent it, or at least shelter these innocent, helpless children? What do we do now? And the question we'll address today: What happened to the children when they died?

My Questions About Atheist Churches

You probably attended church services yesterday. It's possible that an atheist you know did as well, in a way. The rise of "atheist churches" is an oxymoronic fact in our culture.

Churches Trusted Less Than Supermarkets

According to a new survey, only 17 percent of adults in the U.K. believe the church has "their best interests at heart." This "trust rating" ranks religious institutions with Google and behind supermarkets. However, young people rank Google much higher than churches, giving the search engine a trust rating of 28 percent.

Morning-After Pill to Be Sold to 15-Year-Olds

And "the pill" has produced other significant consequences. Seen as "one of the cornerstones of the sexual revolution," it led to a marked increase in the number of women who were sexually active before marriage. By the mid-1970s, the majority of newly married American couples were not virgins. Today America leads the industrialized world in teenage pregnancy; three out of 10 girls in our country become pregnant before the age of 20, 81 percent out of wedlock.

Will Gay NBA Player Be Marketing Goldmine?

While many businesses and sports leagues are moving in this direction as quickly as they can, what about marketing directed at Christians? Our demographic has an estimated purchasing power of $5.1 trillion a year, more than six times larger than the LGBT market. While the homosexual demographic in America is estimated at 3.8 percent of the population (translating to 11.8 million people), there are 140 million Christian consumers in our country.

Boston Bombing Suspects Are Terrorism Nightmare

"He was so grateful to be here, he was compassionate, he was caring, he was jovial." That's how a neighbor described Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. To the names of Timothy McVeigh and Theodore Kaczynski we can now add the Tsarnaev brothers. They had given no indication of any anti-American sentiments.

Boston Bombings: 2 Ways to Respond

The Boston Marathon is New England's most widely viewed sporting event. Over 500,000 people, 80 percent of Boston's population, show up to cheer on more than 20,000 runners. Begun in 1897, it's the world's oldest annual marathon. Until today, it was known for history and prestige. Now it will forever be known for tragedy as well.

Tiger Woods Should Have Withdrawn

Yesterday's Masters Golf Tournament made history, as Adam Scott became the first Australian to win the sport's most prestigious championship. But the tournament will long be remembered for another reason as well: Tiger Woods' now-infamous rules infraction.

Matthew Warren's Suicide and God's Grace

The announced sermon for yesterday's services at Saddleback Church was titled, "Surviving Tough Times." It was a theme Pastor Rick Warren planned earlier in the week. He had no way to know how appropriate his subject would be.

Can Your Child Be Too Religious?

That's the title of an article now on Time's website. It begins: "Religion can be a source of comfort that improves well-being. But some kinds of religiosity could be a sign of deeper mental health issues." The article quotes a clinical psychologist who states, "Religion is related to the child having a higher sense of self esteem, better academic adjustment and lower rates of substance abuse and delinquent or criminal behavior."

What You Can Do About Same-Sex Marriage

The Supreme Court may strike down the Defense of Marriage Act. In addition, it may declare California's ban on gay marriage (Proposition 8) to be unconstitutional. We won't know the Court's decisions until June, but the ramifications of this issue are already affecting Christians in significant ways.