Jim Wallis

CP Guest Contributor

Helsinki Was ... Clarifying

Make no mistake: A strongman is what Trump has always been, and now desires to be as president of the United States. His admiration for autocrats is by no means confined to Vladimir Putin.

My 10 Resolutions for 2018

2017 required a deeper attention and commitment to our nation's public life, in the face of unexpected political leadership that some are trying to "normalize."

Pope Francis' Message for Washington

As an evangelical whose work has focused on the intersection of faith and public life, let me offer two additional reflections that will render Pope Francis more understandable to our public life.

Fasting and Praying in the Shadows of the Capitol

The small tent, about the width of a subway car, sits on the National Mall in the shadow of the nation's Capitol. In a town where power and influence is determined by money and access, what happens inside this tent might seem irrelevant. But over the last few weeks this tiny structure has become a potent challenge to the ways of Washington.