John Callahan

Quite Possibly the Best Wedding Proposal Ever!

Popping the question is always an amazing and special experience for anyone. Some people prefer a quiet proposal with just the couple involved, while others have a big crowd waiting and all in on the surprise. Then there are super surprise categories, which this awesome marriage proposal falls under.

This 14-Year-Old Girl is On A Mission to Stop Hunger In America

It's a blessing to see teenagers that want to inspire one another. The brightest of the youth are those involved in their schools, families, communities and places of worship. In this case, Katie Stagliano has a dream to one day feed all the homeless people in the world. Her story inspires the world!

10 Bible Scriptures That Are Perfect for the Summer

When the seasons change and the summer rolls around, it seems like a lot of things change around us. People's attitudes change, people get into shape, and smiles are floating in the air. The hot weather and happiness just seem to go together. The Bible provides heartwarming verses that are perfect for the start of summer.