John Stonestreet

Christian Post Guest Columnist

Suffer the Little Children: Genetic Testing and Lives Worth Living

Imagine you and your spouse find out you're expecting. Having experienced this moment a few times, I know there's nothing quite like it. Your world changes, and within days, your child's entire biography unfolds in your mind: her first steps, first words, kindergarten, little league, ballet, high school, college, and eventually a young adult who will make you insanely proud. It's all so promising.

A Perfect Daughter: Loving a Special Needs Child

When prenatal testing revealed that the White's second child had Down Syndrome, Heath was heartbroken and dreaded her arrival. Heath later understood that his daughter was just as precious as any other child. And he wanted the world to know the same thing.

Marriage and Imagination: After the Supreme Court

Even after the Supreme Court's rulings, can you imagine our culture returning to marriage as God designed it? As we often say around here, politics is downstream of culture. Given what the current cultural definition of marriage is, the political one will soon follow, unless it is challenged and redeemed. This is where the battle must be waged.

Yes, Christian, There is a Devil

Daniel Patrick Moynihan coined the phrase "defining deviancy down" to describe the process by which we accept outrageous acts that we would never have tolerated a generation ago. Well, looking at recent headlines, let's consider adopting a new term: defining depravity down.

No Limits, No Culture: Portents of a Post-Christian America

On May 7th, Delaware became the eleventh state to legalize same-sex marriage. On May 14th, Minnesota became the twelfth. While that leaves thirty-eight states that haven't redefined marriage, we shouldn't deceive ourselves. As Rod Dreher recently pointed out in "The American Conservative," historians will one day remember our time as "a cultural revolution."

Materialism vs. Reality: A Worldview Just Not Big Enough

C. S. Lewis observed that the most dangerous ideas in a society are not the ones argued, but the ones assumed. And there's little doubt that in most universities across the United States, secularist materialism, in one form or another, is the assumed and unquestioned perspective from which most subjects are understood and taught.

Collins and Broussard: There's Courage, Then There's Courage

Now, I'm not interested in questioning Collins's courage. It's likely that this announcement wasn't easy for him. I do think it's worth noting, however, how many pundits and other public figures were tripping over each other to shower him with encouragement, support, and praise. When you get a call from the President of the United States to congratulate you on the step you've just taken, it's a safe guess you really didn't have much to fear in taking it.

The Overblown War Between Faith and Science

real medical breakthroughs are far more likely to come as the result of research done using adult stem cells. And this leaves an obvious question: Why pursue embryonic stem cell research at all? Given the "ethical blemishes," and the lack of results, why do people still insist on pursuing this moral and scientific dead end?

We Hate to Say We Told You So

In a scene from Jurassic Park, Ian Malcolm, the mathematician skeptical about whether the park is a good idea, watches the T-Rex burst out of its enclosure and says, "I hate being right all the time."

Why No One Hears Arguments for Marriage

If you have the impression that most arguments for traditional marriage fall on deaf ears, you may be right. This is true even when we're careful to avoid biblical or theological language in our arguments. But make them anyway.

Ban Internet Porn ... Can They Do That?

If the Moral Majority had thought of this, the media would be flipping out. If Mitt Romney had proposed this, then they'd say we're on the verge of a new Dark Ages. But the idea comes not from conservative Lynchburg or Provo but from liberal Iceland. Tiny Iceland has a big problem—violent, hardcore internet pornography. That's why some officials want to block access to it.

The Media Doesn't Get Religion

Scarcely, a month goes by without some major news outlet referring to Evangelicals as "Evangelists." Similarly, these outlets often use the word "evangelical" and "fundamentalist" interchangeably, and their work suggests that most of what they know about us is limited to what they have gleaned from the world of politics.