Jon Campbell

Christian Post Contributor

Is Peyton Manning Christian? Denver Broncos Quarterback Prays Every Night & Before Each Game, Testifies Faith in Jesus Comes First

Peyton Manning will take to the field at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey on Sunday for Super Bowl 2014 with a huge weight of expectation on him. So how does the Denver Broncos quarterback manage to cope under so much pressure? Quick answer; the support of his family, and his faith in Jesus Christ! The quarterback is a devout Christian, and he has previously revealed that he is devoted to Christ, and prays every night, and before every game.

New Japan Island: Volcano Eruption Creates New Island (VIDEO, PHOTO)

A new Japan island has been created by an undersea volcanic eruption this week, with dramatic video footage of the volcano erupting going viral on the Internet on Thursday. However, Japanese officials have confirmed that the country will wait a see if the new island stabilizes and remains permanent before rushing to name it.

Chicago Sinkhole Swallows Up Tree, Homes Flooded With 2 Feet of Water

A Chicago sinkhole has hit a South Side neighborhood at 124th Street and Wentworth on Saturday, sparking widespread concern among locals as it continues to expand. The shocking sinkhole was reportedly caused by a broken water main, and the hole has progressively gotten larger, according to the city's Water Department.