Jonathan Park

Christian Post Correspondent

Christianity Today's 'Second Coming Christ Controversy' Collapses

A Christianity Today follow-up story to the so-called "Second Coming Christ Controversy" appears to have shifted focus from questions about Christology and soteriology to eschatology. The issues raised are not current, but instead are from more than 10 years ago. The CT article clarifies that the dispute is not widespread nor systemic across the groups named by CT, but rather it's isolated to a few Asian young adults.

From Wall Street to Prison

Catherine Rohr was already making $200,000 a year on Wall Street when she was 25 years old. But she would eventually quit her job, empty herself of all her money, and move to Texas, surrounding herself with formal gang leaders, ex-murders, and drug dealers.

Major Korean Mission Conference Ends

A quadrennial Korean mission conference that drew 5,000 people from over 80 countries came to a closing Friday with hope for future global mission and fulfilling the unfinished tasks of evangelizing the whole world.

Heather Payne Leaves Point of Grace

Fans and friends of Point of Grace noticed two letters posted Friday on the Christian pop group's official website that confirmed what some had already been speculating – that one of them was leaving the group.