Jordan Ballor

CP Op-Ed Contributor

Powerball Preys on the Poor

Where state governments are supposed to be looking after the welfare of their citizenry, the commonwealth of all the people, the establishment of a lottery has in fact betrayed the citizenry.

House of Cards Frank Underwood: One Righteous Man

Fans of the critically-acclaimed Netflix original series House of Cards are eagerly awaiting the release of the second season this Friday. Frank Underwood, masterfully played by the award-winning Kevin Spacey, embodies the corruption that so often attends to the pursuit of political power.

Should There Be Rules on Labeling Hate Groups?

When the SPLC makes up a list, its own institutional integrity (or lack thereof) determines the effectiveness of its labeling this or that group as hateful. If groups that have taken it upon themselves to make such determinations cannot tell the difference between activism on behalf of the biblical definition of marriage and the incitement of hatred and violence towards others, then their own institutional credibility suffers.