Josephine Vivaldo

Christian Post Reporter

Will Graham Preaching Jesus at Jersey Shore

William Franklin Graham IV will be preaching at Jersey Shore this weekend at the same age his grandfather, Billy Graham, first preached in the same venue in 1955. At the age of 36, the younger Graham has already preached the Gospel to more than 50,000 people

Are You a Follower or Fan of Jesus?

Do you have a fish bumper sticker on the back of your car? A worship song set as your cell phone’s ringtone? Perhaps posters of Christian artists plastered on your room walls? Then maybe, just maybe you are a fan and not a follower of Jesus Christ.

What It Means to Play Jesus in Films

Can a man play Jesus too many times? Bruce Marchiano doesn’t think so. He is best known for playing Jesus in 1993 “The Visual Bible: Matthew” and now he’s back as Jesus with a slight change of costume – shirt and jeans – in “The Encounter.”