Josh Kimball

Christian Post Reporter

Billy Graham Movie Prepares for Oct. 10 Release

In only a few months, people across the nation will get the unique opportunity to peer into the life of evangelist Billy Graham before his rise to prominence as one of the most influential and admired religious leaders in the world.

Christian Band Asks Atheist Guitarist to Step Down

Christian metalcore band Haste the Day has asked guitarist Jason Barnes to step down after months of spiritual searching by their close friend concluded with his loss of faith in God. The band acknowledged how the difference in belief had created a "tear" in their relationship with Barnes.

Bibles Join New iPhone, App Store Debuts

Apple's much-anticipated iPhone 3G arrived Friday, one day after Apple's new program-selling store opened its doors. The new iPhone, which went on sale in over 20 countries, updates the one launched a year ago by speeding up Internet access and adding a navigation chip.