Josh Kimball

Christian Post Reporter

'Wesley' Movie to Join Faith-Based Fall Line-Up

In less than a month and between the releases of two other faith-based movies, independent feature film "Wesley" will hit the big screens, telling the story of the founder of a Protestant movement that claims some seventy-five million members worldwide.

Franklin Graham Among 'Billy' Movie Critics

While the upcoming movie based on the life of Billy Graham has been rallying supporters months ahead of its Oct. 10 release, it has also garnered some critics – the most prominent of which is the renowned evangelist's son.

Chapman Family Inspires Believers, Non-Believers with Faith

A special series of interviews with Steven Curtis Chapman will air for three days next week on the daily broadcast of Focus on the Family's Dr. James Dobson. The Chapman's story of tragedy and healing through faith has touched people across the nation, from believers to even non-believers.

'Bible's Buried Secrets' Trailer Hits YouTube

Weeks after news broke of the upcoming PBS program "The Bible's Buried Secrets," the trailer for the two-hour television special made its YouTube debut Sunday, adding more fuel to a controversy that has already generated a flurry of intense and sometimes heated debates.