Joyce Meyer

Christian Post Guest Columnist

Come Out and Be Real

Trying to impress other people and make them think that you have it all together is not living. Jesus didn't die for us so we could pretend to be something we're not.

Are You Living 'The Way'?

I believe that the reason Christians today aren't impressing the world very much is because we are insisting on living our lives based on our way instead of "The Way."

The Power of Hope

When you think about the future, are you hopeful? Or do you struggle with a sense of dread when you think about the coming days?

The Life You've Always Wanted

Jesus came to earth and died for your sins – not just so you can go to heaven when you die, but so you can live according to His example here on earth.

When, God, When?

When, God, when? Chances are you've prayed that prayer recently. Waiting on God is something we can all relate to, and it's one of the most important times to remain strong in our faith.

It'll Cost You!

We will all go through situations in life. Many times, we think the phrase "I'm going through something" is bad news

Do the Right Thing

Would you say that you are living life wholeheartedly or somewhat divided? When you think about serving God, are you settling for doing things that are just good enough or are you committed to excellence?

Bridging the Gap

When I first started my ministry, I felt that God showed me three keys to success. The first was to do whatever I did with excellence.

Soar Like an Eagle

I want to teach you to fly. Seriously! I want to teach you to soar above the storms of life like an eagle, not flap around the chicken yard like a chicken Christian.

Which Bird Are You?

I believe that people watch our lives and notice what kind of character we have. I also believe that people want to see Jesus and are crying out, "If He's real, show us!"

Avoiding Life's Power Outages

I believe there is always power available to us, but a lot of times, we live without power. It's like sitting in the dark when you could turn the lights on.

Check Your Outlook

What is your outlook on life? What is your attitude or your point of view? What do your expectations for the future look like?

Simplify Your Life!

Everyone has them — those days when nothing seems to get done, except maybe what you've added to your already lengthy to-do list.