Joyce Meyer

Christian Post Guest Columnist

The Holy Spirit, Our Strengthener

If you've ever heard me share my testimony of how I was abused by my father throughout my childhood, you know I've gone through some really difficult times. In fact, there were some things that were so painful, I wondered if I would survive them.

Be a Prisoner of Hope

God is good. And He has a good plan for each of our lives. No matter what may be going on right now, God's plan is unfolding.

The Secrets to Answered Prayer

When you pray, do you have a vague feeling that something is lacking ... that there isn't any power in your prayers? Do you struggle with doubt or fear, or simply lack confidence that God even hears you at all?

Taking Back What Belongs to You

I've been robbed! That is one of the first revelations I had after I started diligently studying the Word and realized I wasn't living the life Jesus died to give me. At first it made me mad, but it was the truth I needed to hear to help me begin an amazing transformation to a life I can honestly say I now enjoy.

Dare to Believe in God's Power to Change You

My father became a Christian when he was 83 years old. There were many times throughout the years when I thought, "He will never change!" But I kept praying for him. And thank God, eventually, he did change—he experienced the greatest transformation of all.

Child Abuse Victims: Rid Yourself of Guilt Once and for All

Do you spend a lot of time feeling guilty? I did, as a result of being abused as a child. I grew up believing something was wrong with me and that everything was my fault. And when you develop that kind of thinking during your childhood, it can torment you for a long time.

How to Run Your Race to Win

We've all heard the phrase, "Everyone has a race to run." That just means we all have our own lives to live. And as Christians, God has a specific purpose and plan for each of us.

Learning to Expose and Overcome Deception in Your Mind

For many years of my life, I believed that I was damaged goods and could only have a second-rate life. I thought that the sexual and emotional abuse I endured as a child was somehow my fault…that it had happened because something was wrong with me. And I felt a false sense of responsibility to fix my circumstances. Of course I couldn't make that happen, so that caused more self-condemnation, and as a result, I didn't like myself very much.

Living in God's Rest

When we try to do everything in our own strength and leave God out of the equation, we just get worn-out and frustrated by our mistakes and failures. But when we lean on God, we actually enter into His rest and can enjoy our lives, no matter what our circumstances may be.

Overcome Doubt and Live With Bold Faith

How could Paul, in the middle of a horrible storm, ask the people to "be in good spirits" and have a good attitude? Because he believed in his heart — without a doubt — "that it will be exactly as it was told me."

The Reality of Being More Than a Conqueror in Life

Romans 8:37 says that Christians are "more than conquerors" in this world. But do we really know what it means to be more than a conqueror? I know it took many years for me to learn what it means and how to live the victorious life Jesus died to give us as believers.