Judson Phillips

CP Op-Ed Contributor

Time Has Come to Abolish the IRS

Last Thursday, the House of Representatives for the 257,000th time voted to repeal Obamacare. Once more, it was a meaningless resolution. The agency they should be abolishing is the Internal Revenue Service.

The Constitutional Solution for Terrorism

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) dominated the news last week with his filibuster. He talked about the Constitution and drones. Sen. Paul stood and defended the Constitution and the rights of Americans against terrorism from the Obama Regime.

The Constitution Repealed in Ten States

Your Constitutional Rights have been repealed in ten states. No, this isn't a joke. It is not exaggeration or hyperbole. If you are in ten states in the United States, your some of your rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights have been made null and void.

When Republicans Go 'RINO'

What is it about some Republicans? They get into office and RINO fever hits them. In other words, they become "Republicans in Name Only" and seem to vacate the principles of the political party they came from.