Karen Gushta

Op-Ed Contributor

Gift Envy

As I drove my sister to the airport after her Thanksgiving visit, she shared that she was reading a book on the spiritual gifts. One of the blocks to exercising our gifts, the author noted, is "gift envy."

A Call to Oneness

As an evangelical African-American, Dr. Tony Evans has much to say to white evangelicals about the racial divide inside the church in America. Oneness Embraced is a call to the church to "oneness," which, Evans says, "glorifies God like nothing else because it reflects His image through His triune nature like nothing else."

Stop the Violence Against the Unborn

If we are to protect the lives of the innocent from those who devise evil, we must shift the focus from a manufactured right of women to "control their own bodies" to the very real Constitutional right to life of the unborn.

What Should a Mother Do?

Any young woman or teen who gets pregnant out-of-wedlock faces three choices: abort her baby; keep her baby, or release her baby for adoption. How she decides will impact her and her baby and in many cases it will affect the man who fathered the child as well.

Praying for Revival – To Start With Me

Contentment is the antidote to covetousness, and it is the foundation for service to others. For when we are content in Christ our focus moves away from ourselves and on to others. Instead of looking inward and thinking of what we lack, we look upward to Christ and outward to others to see what they need.

The Philadelphia (Horror) Story

There's one horror story unfolding in the news that I think everyone should be following. That's the story of the trial of former abortionist, Kermit Gosnell. The horror story of Gosnell's activities in his West Philadelphia abortion center should be getting major network news coverage. But it is not.

Today's Equivalent to Roman Bread and Circuses

What's the modern equivalent of the Roman emperors' bread and circuses? Here's my suggestion: beer and porn. It occurred to me that the DOJ is more concerned about keeping the price of beer down than limiting the number of pornographers.

Pornography's Tragic Price

This is not a subject I enjoy writing about. Yet it is so serious, that as Christians, I believe we need to shine a light on it and do our utmost to combat it. It's not "someone else's problem." It's a problem that is corroding the soul of America and it has probably touched the life of someone you know.

Tweaking the HHS Mandate Will Not Do

Those who now identify the HHS mandate simply as the "contraception mandate" ignore the fact that the majority of these suits are based on the religious belief that human life is sacred. Therefore, providing so-called emergency contraception—abortifacient drugs that end the life in the womb—is a direct contradiction of that belief.

The Challenge We Face

What sets this non-profit apart from most is the fact that in 2011-2012 it received 45 percent of its total revenue from government health services grants and reimbursements, including payments from Medicaid managed care plans. It is listed by the IRS as a "Charitable Organization Engaged in Promoting Health" and the government has been shoveling millions of taxpayer dollars into its coffers for years, disregarding federal law that specifically prohibits any tax monies from paying for its major "service" (if one can call it that)—abortion.

What Is the Key Issue in This Election?

What is the primary issue in this election? Foreign policy? The economy? If the lives of the future generations of America's children are our greatest treasure, then we should clearly vote for those who have pledged to protect them.

Should We Fear Big Government?

Has government become less of a threat and more like a "friend indeed in time of need?" Are people now turning to the government for help in tough times, instead of going to family, friends, church, and community organizations? If they are, the efforts of these social institutions will dwindle, and government will continue to grow.

When Will We Start Following the Constitution?

Perhaps it's not too late for us to start learning what's in the Constitution. Maybe then we will require our elected officials to abide by it. But at present, as economist Walter Williams says in his book, Do the Right Thing: "Much of what federal, state, and local governments do today far exceeds constitutional authority and any reasonable definition of moral government."

From Generation to Generation

The generation of young people who are now entering college or have recently graduated are suffering more than any other in this poor economy. And their story is one of the most overlooked and underreported.

How Do We Respond to the Question 'What About Rape and Incest?'

The truth is: abortion hurts women. Giving a woman the abortion option—whether she is the victim of a rape or a married woman with unplanned pregnancy—is not the "compassionate answer." Abortion does not bring healing; it brings misery, pain, and suffering, as millions of women who have had abortions can attest.

Walking the Talk on Marriage

In spite of the efforts of the political left to make same-sex "marriage" a political issue, it remains a deeply moral issue—one that we as Christians must not back away from, even if it means becoming the brunt of personal attacks.

America Was Birthed in Prayer

But William H. Jeynes, professor of education at California State University, Long Beach, says the root of the problems these young people now face is not primarily economic. Instead, Dr. Jeynes says today's problems began 50 years ago this month when the Supreme Court banned prayer in public schools.

Be Fruitful and Multiply

You may have missed the birth of celebrity couple Victoria and David Beckham’s fourth child in July, but Simon Ross, head of the British nonprofit, Population Matters, didn’t. Mr. Ross told Britain's Observer that the Beckhams “are very bad role models with their large families."