Katherine T. Phan

Christian Post Reporter

Can Donors Sue Harold Camping?

Family Radio and Harold Camping have solicited millions from donors over the years and spent over $100 million on advertising for the May 21 Judgment Day. Can the charity be sued? Charity Navigator weighs in.

Hobby Lobby Founders Launch Bible Exhibit in Oklahoma

The words "high-tech" and "ancient artifacts" don't usually go together but at the new "Passages" Bible exhibit, which debuts Monday at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, high-tech robots are combined with ancient Bible manuscripts to help bring the story of translation and preservation of the Bible to life.

D.C.'s Theater Church Expanding on Capitol Hill

Washington D.C.'s "theater church" thought it had acquired one of the last sizable piece of property on Capitol Hill last year. But the church's pastor recently announced that the church had signed a contract to purchase The People's Church, which occupies a former theater on Barracks Row.