Kathleen Patterson

CP Guest Contributor

Pro-Lifers: Supreme Court Protected Our Freedom, Let's Use It

Killing a child is legal — our nation has accepted this. And though the Supreme Court has given us this one instance of free speech, we need not get too confident — we need to be asking what is next. What might we be required to advertise, promote or sell? What will we not be able to say, express, or do?

What If You Share JESUS?

I love to share about Jesus — but that is a new thing for me. Years ago I would never open my mouth, or ever attempt to share Jesus. I do not have a good reason why, I just never saw the need.

Adoption: How God Restores

According to the National Council for Adoption, and the National Adoption Center, November is National Adoption Month. Each year at this time, I am reminded of the how great the restoration power of God is. You see, I am adopted. But to understand the restoration that occurred, you have to understand how the journey began.

What the Zimmerman Verdict Says About Race in America

I am not going to tell you my race – let's start from there. I want you to hear my words without "thinking" of the perspective behind them. With the Zimmerman trial, I admit that I saw my black friends feel justice was denied and that my white friends feel that justice was served.

Do Women Lose Focus When They Have a Baby?

Jones advocates that women are changed somehow when they experience the arrival of children. Having had three of my own – I could not agree more! As a working mother, the experience was both beautiful (as he iterates) and challenging. And yes, it made a difference in my work life – of course. But, is this a bad thing? I think not, and I actually do not think he is suggesting this is a bad thing, just the reality. My life was interrupted, pleasantly, with each child's arrival.