Ken Blackwell

CP Op-Ed Contributor

President Trump Can Counter OPEC and Achieve Energy Dominance

President Trump, in a recent tweet, has drawn attention to a pernicious threat against American interests that has persisted for decades: The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and its alliance with other petrostates as they seek to control the price and supply of oil.

Time to Reverse America's Innovation Decline

America's position as the world's innovation leader is in peril. We are ceding important ground to other nations like Germany, England, and even China and we are doing so voluntarily. Indeed, the current innovation crisis is a problem of our own creation.

Memo to FDA: Help Entrepreneurs, Don't Hinder Them

The FDA's rule will require businesses with 20 or more locations that sell highly customizable food items—such as pizza companies—to post physical signs within the store listing the number of calories in each menu option, as well as the calorie counts for each variation of the available options.

'America First' Is Not About Being Against Foreigners

It's not about being against foreigners. All nations put their people first. If there's hard work to do in the world, they turn to the U.S.A. The Left hates President Donald Trump for many reasons. One of the most important is because he really believes in America first. Which shouldn't be controversial.

End the Root Cause of Illegal Immigration

The recent passage of mandatory E-Verify by the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee brings us one step closer to ending the root cause of most illegal immigration into the United States – outlaw businesses that hire illegal immigrants.

Frederica Wilson Is All Hat, No Decency

Texans have a saying for people who talk big but act small: All hat, no cattle. It's hard to think of someone better fitting that description than Rep. Frederica Wilson, the Florida Democrat with a multitude of colorful hats but no decency.

An AT&T/Time Warner Merger Is Dangerous: Here's Why

Many conservatives have warned about the dangers of this merger because of that concentration of power. My friend Larry Kudlow, a noted free market champion who would normally be loath to call for government to stop a merger, has raised significant concerns about one company controlling cable distribution and key channels.