Ken Blackwell

CP Op-Ed Contributor

Frederica Wilson Is All Hat, No Decency

Texans have a saying for people who talk big but act small: All hat, no cattle. It's hard to think of someone better fitting that description than Rep. Frederica Wilson, the Florida Democrat with a multitude of colorful hats but no decency.

An AT&T/Time Warner Merger Is Dangerous: Here's Why

Many conservatives have warned about the dangers of this merger because of that concentration of power. My friend Larry Kudlow, a noted free market champion who would normally be loath to call for government to stop a merger, has raised significant concerns about one company controlling cable distribution and key channels.

Open Skies Enforcement: A Key Test of 'America First' Policy

When it comes to our trade agreements with foreign nations, President Trump has pledged to prioritize defending American workers and standing up to countries that seek to take advantage of them. A key test of this "America First" trade policy will be whether the Trump administration chooses to enforce our Open Skies agreements with the UAE.

Where Are the Decent Liberals?

President Donald Trump's critics fixate on his tweets and then wonder why he spends so much time responding to their attacks. But why do they devote so much attention to his tweets in the first place?

Elizabeth Warren: A Factory of Bad Ideas

The Massachusetts Senator, who was once paid more than $400,000 to teach a single class at Harvard, has made a name for herself as a shrill defender of income redistribution. Now, she is quickly emerging as the most likely 2020 Presidential candidate.

Countering OPEC to Achieve an America First Energy Strategy

For decades, conventional wisdom held that the United States would remain reliant on imported oil as domestic reserves were either too limited or too expensive to be accessible. Yet in the early years of this new century, a small group of American innovators tackled the shale formations in our nation's heartland with new technology.