Ken Connor

CP Contributor


With Proposition 8 Californians demonstrated their refusal to be bullied by the bench

Judging the Judges

The minute Justice David Souter announced his imminent retirement from the Supreme Court, the media began to engage in rampant speculation about who President Obama would nominate

Prosecuting the Prosecutors

Many justice-hungry conservatives are angered at the recent dismissal of ex-Senator Ted Stevens's conviction for lying about gifts he received while in office.

America's Faltering Faith

Americans appear to be losing faith in God and in our cultural institutions. Is the loss of confidence in one related to a loss of confidence in the other?

Science Without Limits

President Obama paid no heed to a clear alternative to embryonic stem cell research which has arisen in the past two years.

Who's a Coward?

Unfortunately, some of the strongest spokesmen against racism are unwittingly perpetuating racism.

Pork and Pitchforks

The market rightly decided that Mr. Obama and his party had sold the American people a pig in a poke. Pig as in "pork."


Many corporations today have manipulated the language of the free market in order to conceal their misdeeds

Just a Man

We would do well to remember that President Obama is merely a civil servant. He operates in the political realm.