Ken Connor

CP Contributor

Social Conservatives, Get Ready to Rumble

Oh, the irony of it all. For the past two years, the Republican establishment has been insisting that the only effective way to beat President Obama in 2012 is to set contentious social issues aside and focus like a laser on the economy.

TBN: Trouble in Paradise

It's a drama fit for reality television: Sadly, it's not the Real Housewives of Orange County at the center of this drama, but the first family of Trinity Broadcasting Network.

Get a Job!

Hillary Rosen's dismissive comments about Mrs. Romney indicate that the only value she assigns to women's work is the dollar value determined by the marketplace.

The Triumph of Greed

Capitalism has become the blunt instrument of unrestrained greed. This is the spirit of social Darwinism run amok. Only the strong survive, while concern for one's neighbor or for "the common good" is pooh-poohed as weakness masquerading as altruism.

Aborting Women's Rights

For years, feminists have maintained that women will not be truly free or equal unless they are free to abort their unborn children.

Obama's Birth Control Bait and Switch

What is happening here is more than mere politics as usual, it represents a fundamental attack on liberty in which the United States government is using its coercive power in an illegal manner to impose a controversial ideology on its citizens.

Dare to Dream

We live in an era of unprecedented cynicism, yet we are also blessed to live in a country that forever redefined what it means to dream big. My hat's off to those modern day heroes among us who've dared to take on the odds

Newt Turns the Tables

Gingrich has often complained of "gotcha journalism," in which the media is more interested in asking questions designed to embarrass the candidate rather than elicit information or illumination.

Beware the Myth of Inevitability

In politics, frontrunners love to promote the myth of inevitability. Basically Romney's argument goes like this: I am ahead, I have the money, and I have the support of the establishment so let's not kid ourselves.

Tebowing v. Showboating

Humility is not a virtue readily found in America today – especially on the field of play. A football player makes a touchdown, a forward slam dunks the ball, or a designated hitter rockets a grand slam out of the park, and it's all about high-stepping, chest-bumping, trash-talking and other over-the-top behaviors intended to send the message, "I am the greatest."

Pride and Prejudice?

How is it that mere rumors of sexual misconduct can destroy one man's campaign, while a confirmed serial adulterer can rise to popular prominence notwithstanding the troubling character issues that dog his past?

Planned Parenthood: Agent of Destruction

So powerful has our delusion about the reality of abortion become – and so powerful the pro-abortion lobby behind Planned Parenthood – that our elected representatives allocate hundreds of millions of dollars each year to Planned Parenthood.

Turning Up the Heat on Herman

Since the beginning of his meteoric rise to political stardom, Herman Cain has worn his lack of political experience like a badge of honor. That same lack of experience, however, likely accounts for Mr. Cain's rather inept response to allegations that he was the subject of complaints of sexual harassment

Abortion: An Inconvenient Truth

For decades now, the "pro-choice" movement has successfully distorted the abortion debate by ignoring the essential question – is an unborn child a living human or isn't it?

Mission Accomplished?

What, precisely, have we accomplished? Is America safer and more secure today than we were before the Iraqi intervention?

Are Mormons Christian?

Since religious truth claims have eternal consequences, isn't it in the public interest to examine the merits of those claims?

Looking for Salvation in All the Wrong Places

There is no such thing as a political savior, and no candidate is 100% ideal. Since every human being is beset by the frailties and faults inherent in our fallen natures, it is foolish to place such weighty expectations on an elected official.

A Win for Elder Advocacy

The plight of the elderly often goes overlooked. This problem is exacerbated by a culture that has changed radically over the past several decades, becoming more and more obsessed with youth

Marriage Matters

Because the conception of marriage as a fungible institution is not rooted in anything deeper or higher than the whims of human emotion, it's not capable of sustaining and propagating human society in the manner it was intended.

Heaven Help the Aged

At a time when America’s real estate industry is struggling, there’s one market sector that’s proving to be recession proof: senior housing.

Values Voters Are Still in the Game

The reason that so-called values issues aren't currently in the foreground of the debate is that in the Republican primary field there is generally a consensus about these issues.

Shooting the Messengers

In the wake of Congress’s 11th hour vote to raise the debt limit through the fall of 2012, the Tea Party is once again the center of attention for Beltway insiders and media pundits