Ken Connor

CP Contributor

The Diversity Police Are at It Again

An alarm has been sounded for Republicans who advocate big-government, abortion, gay marriage, and gun control: Take heed! The GOP is being taken over by (gasp!) actual conservatives!

The Fine Art of Seduction

Let the American people take note: the wooing has begun. The seduction of this year's congressional freshman class looks innocuous enough to the inexperienced eye.

The Road Ahead: Tax and Spend or Cut and Save?

If we are unwilling to make the sacrifices necessary to rein in government spending and regain fiscal solvency, then we better get used to high taxes, high unemployment, and greater government intrusion into our everyday lives.

Hell No, She Won't Go!

Democrats know that allowing Pelosi to retain her position as the top Democrat in the House would send a terrible message to the Republicans, and a worse message to the American people.

Change and Hope

When the American people find themselves at the polls again in 2012, how can we know that our voice was heard in 2010?

Left's Tolerance Limited to Liberals

The Good Book tells us that pride goes before a fall, and with the midterm elections looming perhaps nothing encapsulates the truth of this maxim more than the leadership of the Democrat Party and its constituency of liberal media elites.

Elder Abuse: America's Dirty Secret

As senior citizens comprise an ever increasing percentage of our nation's population, the need is greater than ever to draw attention to a little discussed, little known epidemic in American health care.

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Co-Opt 'Em!

Rather than resigning themselves to irrelevancy, key leaders within the GOP establishment are determined to find a way to translate Tea Party enthusiasm into further entrenchment of the Republican status quo.

Muslims Behaving Badly

While other religious groups in America (Christians in particular) are expected to tolerate all manner of offenses, debasements, and outright attacks against their beliefs in the name of the First Amendment, Muslim Americans benefit from a government that goes out of it's way to avoid offending their religious sensibilities.

Deja Vu All Over Again

It's deja vu all over again in Washington as the midterm elections rapidly approach and all signs point to an electoral route of the party in power.

Right v. Rectitude

So, as far as the Left is concerned, when it comes to the Ground Zero mosque controversy, the principle of constitutional right rules the day, but when it comes to Glenn Beck, MLK and the Lincoln Memorial, rectitude is the driving factor.

Which Is to Be Master?

By construction, activist judges are turning our Constitution into a blank slate. They are undermining America's "peculiar security" by rewriting her most hallowed document.

The Purpose of Parenting

Children have gone from being mere products of economic necessity to the ultimate lifestyle accessories – features of the contemporary American "success story"

Ideology v. Reality

Clearly, President Obama and his allies in Congress believe that all social questions, be they economic or otherwise, are best addressed by government.

A Misguided Decision

Amidst a cloud of inflammatory rhetoric, its easy to lose sight of the most troubling issue at play in this battle between the federal government and one of its member states – that is, the gross abuse of constitutional authority at play at the White House and Justice Department.