Ken Connor

CP Contributor

Too Big to Care?

If BP was a locally-owned and operated small business and Tony Hayward was a resident of the Gulf Coast you can be sure that he wouldn't be vacationing in the midst of a crisis caused by his company.

Washington's Double Standard

There's recently been some chatter in the blogosphere debating the need for a new amendment to the Constitution – one that would require laws passed by Congress to apply to lawmakers equally as they apply to the rest of American citizens.

Banana Republic?

Our government never hesitates to seize upon a crisis, be it economic or otherwise, as an opportunity to conclude that the free market has failed us

The Importance of America's Civil Justice System

Wrongdoers should be fully accountable for the damage they cause. And when a disaster of this magnitude happens, one is hard pressed to find a person who doesn't think the corporate miscreants responsible should be made to pay.

Change We Can Believe In?

If the results of last week's "mini-Super Tuesday" primary elections are any indication, the future isn't looking good for congressional incumbents facing reelection in 2010.

Constitution, Not Court, Is Supreme

The hype and angst surrounding Elena Kagan's nomination to the highest court of the United States proves the truth of Robert Bork's statement in his book, The Tempting of America, that the Supreme Court is the "trump card" of American politics.

Out of Touch and Out of Focus

The Federal government appears to be more afraid of being branded "politically incorrect" than of being ineffective in thwarting threats posed by Islamo-Fascists.

Free to Choose What's Right

Conservatives don't want a value-free market place; we want a marketplace that is informed by values like honesty, integrity, transparency, and accountability.

Subsidizing Bad Behavior: The Injustice of Tort Reform

Not only does the tragedy of Upper Big Branch demonstrate the inadequacy of regulations alone to protect vulnerable workers and their families, it highlights the vital importance of our nation's civil justice system as a means of compensating victims and punishing those whose reckless conduct harms others.

Tea Anyone?

What began as a loosely organized campaign against government spending has evolved into a highly motivated, highly organized, politically potent movement determined to restore American government to its proper constitutional sphere.

The Economics of Abortion

Americans would do well to consider the consequences of embracing political leaders who view certain segments of society as disposable

Diagnosing 'Disorder'

We have embraced a therapeutic culture which posits that everyone is a victim, consciously or not, of emotional and environmental factors which dictate the way we see the world and the way we behave within it.

Where's Al?

Recent events have caused many to doubt the veracity of Al Gore's award-winning claims about man-made global warming and the "settled science" behind climate change.

Change You Can Believe In

Here's a news flash, Mr. Obama: It's you who are confused. You have drastically underestimated the intelligence of the American voter.

(Mis)Reading the Tea Leaves

Turns out that dissatisfaction with the "other side" does not a successful leader make, as the recent election of Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate demonstrates.

Whose Sin?

Christians should not be quick to assume that because calamity has befallen another, sin is the root cause of their problem.

Haggling Over Price

No matter how he tries to spin it, the legislation that Senator Nelson voted for does not contain unequivocal language barring federally-funded abortions.