Kenneth Chan

Christian Post Editor

Huckabee Urges Christians to Engage in 'Rotting' Realms of Culture

There are many believers who would view the decision of a pastor to enter into politics as a move away from that which is Christian to that which is secular. And while such a view may be correct, former pastor and governor Mike Huckabee makes it clear that it's not just "evil" people who go into "evil" places.

Christian Communicators Inspired to Engage, Transcend Secular Culture

Though critics of the recently passed Matthew Shepard Act say the legislation could be used to prosecute broadcasters who preach homosexuality as sin, the world's largest network of Christian communicators was impelled Saturday to stand firm, speak with a "holy boldness," and proclaim with great confidence the message they've been called to deliver.

Rick Warren: Culture Influenced by Change of Hearts, Not Laws

While most Americans can do little, if anything, to reverse today's political and economic tides, there is much that can be done to change the cultural tide. And, as one prominent megachurch recently noted, real change doesn't come from politicians and the changing of laws but from the Church and the changing of hearts..

Achieving a Biblical, Missional Church Community

Three years ago, Austin Stone Community Church in Texas was recognized as one of the fastest growing churches in America by Outreach magazine. But what might have privately been a proud moment for most church leaders was keeping the megachurch's lead pastor awake at night.

Americans Urged to Give Thanks Amid Good and Bad Times

With the troubled economy casting a shadow over the country, Americans across the nation are especially being reminded this Thanksgiving of the many things they do have to be grateful for. "Be as quick to give thanks to God as you are to ask for help from God."