Kevin and Kay Marie Brennfleck

Christian Post Contributor

Seven Stories That Can Win the Job

Today's interviews are often competency-based, "behavioral" interviews. Employers want to know how you have behaved in specific situations so that they can evaluate not only how well you could do the job, but how you would fit into the work team and corporate culture.

Are You Driven or Called?

Overscheduled. Overworked. Overcommitted. Overwhelmed. Sound familiar? Many of us find ourselves running from one activity to another, feeling stressed and at the mercy of a schedule of our own making. Busyness can make us feel like we are doing something, but we may be hard pressed to explain exactly what it is we are doing that really matters.

Partnering with God to Make Career Decisions

Decision-making can be difficult. There is often a lot at stake. Our decisions have the power to change our lives for the better-or for the worse. Making a decision inescapably means taking a risk. We may fear not succeeding, experiencing disapproval from family or friends, or being ultimately disappointed by our choice.

Negotiate Your Salary Like A Pro

During an interview, many job applicants get caught unprepared when asked salary questions. Poor answers to money questions can cost the applicant the job, or if hired, can result in being paid thousands of dollars less than the employer would have been willing to pay.

Clearing Up Career Confusion

Are you thinking about making a career change? Too often, thinking about it is as far as many people go. If you're in a career that you don't like, you probably daydream about doing something different that you would really enjoy.

Are You Burned Out on Your Job?

Job burnout is usually caused by prolonged periods of stress and frustration. In today's workplace, there is no shortage of either of those elements. The threat of layoffs creates anxiety; so employees work harder and longer hours to demonstrate their value.

Recession-Proof Your Job Search

Create a job search plan for the hidden job market. Once you have identified your job target(s), create a list of employers in your preferred geographic area who hire for that target, research those employers, and develop strategies for identifying and pursuing positions within those companies.

How to Climb Out of Your Career Rut

No young person ever says, "I want to be stuck in a career rut when I grow up," yet that is exactly where many working adults find themselves. How about you? Is it getting harder to make yourself get out of bed in the morning? Do you feel like you are just playing a role as you go through your workday? Do you wish you were excited about your work instead of struggling to endure it? You don't have to stay stuck, however. Let's look at three common career ruts and how to climb out of them.

Financing Your Career Change

Do you want to make a career change, but feel trapped by your financial situation? Many people are certain they can't afford to transition into a new job or career, but there are "do-able" strategies that can make it financially feasible.