Kevin P. Donovan

Christian Post Reporter

Jars of Clay Creates Own Label

Three-time Grammy-winning Christian band Jars of Clay is paving its own path with the creation of its own label imprint, “Gray Matters”, under the Nettwerk Music Group umbrella.

Madeleine's Father Returns to U.K.

Gerry McCann returned to the United Kingdom yesterday for a series of meetings on the campaign to find his daughter Madeleine. This marks his second visit to the country since the four-year-old was kidnapped nearly seven weeks ago.

World Vision: People in Sudanese Region 'Living in Constant Fear'

A new report launched by World Vision has revealed that funding for protection forces and an early warning system for Sudan’s Western Equatoria region are desperately needed in order to help prevent widespread looting, murder and rape in case of another “rampage” in the area by the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA).