Lane Palmer

Christian Post Guest Columnist

Jesus and the Greeks

It almost seems as though the studious side of college is just a bothersome requirement that is getting in the way of elevated blood alcohol and "I'm not sure what happened last night" experiences.

G.I. Christian?

I believe we are hard-wired to be a 'soldier' in the sense of anyone fighting for something worth, well, fighting for.

How to Be 16 and Innocent

Does anyone find it just a little bit odd and humorously ironic that the show about the negative consequences on unwed and unwanted pregnancies is aired on MTV???

Christian Muggles

Has it really been 8 years since many if not most of you sat in a theater and watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone?

Christians Get 'Up'!

What is it that makes us want to fly away and experience a radical change from our oftentimes ho hum, black and white monotone existence?

2 Billion Kids and Counting

I've heard a proposed reality show idea starring none other than Octomom. But the one that takes the whole enchilada has got to be 18 Kids and Counting.

The Climb...Are You Ready?

So are you ready for "The Climb"? Apparently Miley Cyrus is, because obviously she has picked up that our time here on earth is much more than just a vanity fair.

Your Life Trek

I realize Star Trek is fantasy, but the inspiration for us in the real world is to burst free from the cultural gravitational pull that tells us to settle and set our sights low for life.

Are you Dumber than a Mentalist?

One thing is for sure...there is no way I could be a mentalist. You know, guys like Patrick Jane who have the perfect hairstyle and can pull off cool mind reader stuff by pure powers of observation.

Let's Put The Resurrection on Trial!

I'll admit that from a logical and scientific angle it seems impossible for someone to come back from the grave...but there is one more perspective I'd like you to consider, and that is a historical one.

Don't Get 'Lost'!

Shout out to all you "Lostaways" out there, because it seems like the hit show Lost is slowly taking over the planet as fast as a monster and a group of "others" could storm across a tropical island.

Are You Ready to Bolt?

And don't we sometimes feel like Bolt? How we desperately long to have spiritual superpowers that could free our friends and change their lives forever.

'Knowing' is Everything

The plot for "Knowing" is also the truth about the Bible. Literally hundreds of extremely specific prophecies are right there on the pages of Scripture

God … Where were You?

Things do fall apart, and it is OK to find God on a corner and ask where He was. But the key to remember is that there is a difference between asking and blaming.