Larry Tomczak

CP Op-Ed Contributor

This Week Let's Celebrate, Not Criticize America

The July 4th holiday is for most of us a joyous occasion celebrating the birthday of this great nation. A day off work to enjoy family, friends, barbecue, fireworks and festivities lifts our spirits and should remind us "I'm Proud to be an American" as the patriotic ballad proclaims.

10 Reflections on Our Time With Donald Trump

What started as an interesting idea to convene 300 Christian leaders in New York for a time with Donald Trump literally exploded in weeks! The interest was so overwhelming that special ID badges had to be made to accommodate over 1,000 who eventually came from all over America.

Media Manipulates, We Can't Capitulate

The Bible teaches us in 1 John 5:19 that Satan illegally controls this present world and rules this kingdom of darkness. For hundreds of years, our beloved nation enjoyed a blessed reprieve from many aspects of Satan's reign because of the prevailing influence of the gospel and our Judeo-Christian foundations.

How to Overcome Life's 'What If …?' Regrets

On a more reflective note, as death approaches people are often asked if they have any regrets. Getting older presents fewer opportunities for "bucket lists" or "do-overs" so many folks engage in a little bit more honest life review. The realization sinks in that no one is going to live forever no matter how many "age-defying" products are marketed today.

Miley Cyrus: From Purity Ring to Perversion

Many who saw Miley hosting Sunday evening's MTV Video Music Awards show or her promo videos leading up to it, experienced both revulsion and heartfelt concern. Anyone dismissing her example for youth today as "edgy yet harmless" entertainment needs to wake up.

5 Tips for Trump from History's Richest Man

Multitudes across America who identify with much of the uncompromising message Donald Trump brings, secretly wish someone could sit down with him and temper him in some areas so he could be more effective politically.

Fresh From the Frontline: Why Donald Trump Is Dominating

Thursday I had the honor of speaking to over 300 pastors who gathered from 9 AM till 4 PM prior to the first Republican presidential debate in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. The presidential candidates had opportunities to share but most eyes were riveted on Donald Trump, as they were in the evening debate.

5 Chilling Societal Developments Since Same-Sex Ruling

A few days ago I shared a YouTube video with a young father detailing the effects of the gay agenda on children in other countries that are further "down the road" than we are in America. He was utterly shocked as well as sobered, realizing where we are headed.