Larry Tomczak

CP Op-Ed Contributor

St. Patrick: Banish the Blarney Then Let His Life Inspire You Today

A number of years ago there was a character featured on Saturday Night Live which just celebrated it's 40th anniversary on TV. A depressed-looking, bug-eyed, frumpy woman named Debbie Downer had a knack for sharing negative information when others were trying to celebrate. Hang with me for a moment as this commentary starts with a Debbie Downer moment.

Obama Distorting Muslim Role in America's History

The impression created is one of Muslims being instrumental in establishing the United States of America right from its inception. The narrative highlights their supposed accomplishments and contributions in making our great nation what it is today.

My Child's Not 'Sexting'; Are You Sure?

If your son or daughter has access to an iPhone, are you absolutely sure there's no questionable activity going on? More importantly, do you know how to protect your children from the onslaught they face in today's technological revolution?

Should Parents Spank Their Children?

Corporal punishment is a sensitive subject. It is also becoming more controversial in today's culture. Recent charges brought against a popular NFL running back have surfaced it once again.