Larry Tomczak

CP Op-Ed Contributor

Why Are So Many Middle Aged Men Succumbing to Sexual Sin?

In the past few years there seems to be an epidemic of adulterous and sexually inappropriate relationships coming to light on a regular basis. Let's be honest, it's alarming to many of us onlookers plus causes much fear and trepidation among spouses who ponder the question, "Are we going to be next?"

What Might Ananias and Sapphira Say to Hillary Clinton?

Once in awhile, excusing something inconsequential like the above is probably harmless. Yet in adulthood when stakes are high and issues of ethics and integrity impact other people's lives, we must steer clear of all duplicity and deceitfulness. God takes this very seriously as documented by a medical doctor in the Book of Acts.

Five Reasons I've Attended 12 Gay Pride Events

Last Saturday I attended my 12th "Gay Pride" event--this one in Nashville, Tennessee. I've also gone in Washington, DC and Atlanta, Georgia. A friend of mine went to the festivities in San Francisco a couple years ago, returning with video footage and his impressions. They are basically the same as mine with some exceptions.

What Would You Do If Your Child Said, 'I'm Gay'?

"I'm OK - You're OK." That catchy title is repeated oftentimes to this day in counseling parents how to handle a son or daughter revealing they are gay or lesbian. "Don't be judgmental. Convey unconditional love. Accept them as they are. Realize they're born this way. Reassure them you're okay and they're okay in whatever sexual identity they choose."

AIDS and HIV: This Love Story Does Not Have a Happy Ending

On newsstands across America, Entertainment Weekly magazine invites us to purchase the latest issue highlighting the "most important, infuriating, heartbreaking movie of the year." Five sober-faced celebrities, including Julia Roberts, grace the cover along with chilling stats intended to shock sensibilities.

How Do You Kill 11 Million People?

New York Times bestselling author Andy Andrews wrote a book by this title a few years ago. I highly recommend it. This figure represents the actual number of people killed by Adolf Hitler, not including ordinary civilians and military war dead.

Are American Pastors Prophetic or Just Professional?

Last week another minister and I invested days in a major city trying to equip leaders on the radical gay agenda and how to respond. A recent Barna survey found 97 percent of pastors affirming gay marriage as wrong, yet only 31 percent plan to address the issue! How was the attendance for this well-publicized event?